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X201 (6-cell)battery issue with windows 7 - massive drop in capacity

Appologies in advance for the long post.


Im running a thinkpad x201 on windows 7 and have recently had a major problem with the battery capacity.

The story is that id been running the laptop with no issue at all for about 9months. As it is curently my main system I upgraded the harddrive and reinstalled windows. For whatever reason when reinstalling windows it rejected my product key even after checking and re-checking the key.


I eventually gave up trying and just started using the system under installs grace period. After the install i made a point of checking the system stats to see that everything was running okay with the new hdd and noted the battrey was still at 94% of its original capacity(pretty good after 9 months!) . There was no noticable difference in performance and i was still getting 4.5+ hours out of the 6-cell battery.


This continued until the grace period expired on the windows install. After a few days I noticed that my system was running much hotter than usual and the battery didnt seem  to last as long. When i re-checked the battery capacity it was down to 78%. I could only assume that it was somhing to do with the windows install as there had been no problem until the validation expired, so naturally i immediately went through the activation procedure and it accepted the product key first time(go figure). After this the system returned to 'business as usual' temperature wise however the battery capacity continued falling and has now gone from the 78% to just 4%(!) in under three weeks.


Ive found online that on release 7 had a problem with laptop battery life but the issue has apparently been fixed. Ihad been using the laptop under the factory 7 install for 9 months with absolutely no issue, and for a further month with no noticeable difference after the install. However i doubt that the issue can really be anything else as it seems just a little too coincidental that the problem arose at exactly the time of the activation failure. I cant believe that after such excellent performance that the battery would die so quickly on its own.


So my question is does anyone know what on earth has happened here or has anyone experienced anything similar? Furthermore what if anything could anyone suggest just what i should do about this issue and if anything could be done to rescue the battery. Perhaps another install & reactivation of windows could possibly solve the issue there(if there is any). 


Its gotten to the point that the laptop dies immediately when unplugged and i cant even run the battery reset tool as this also results in immediate shutdown. Ive also tried charging the battery on its own from ny ultrabase but same thing - it takes about a minute to say its reached 100% but then theres not even enough power to turn the system on. Im very reluctant to get a new battery at this point as i fear it may also become trashed in a month or two.


Interesting problem so ill leave it for the boards to decide what my best option may be. Ive removed the battery for now as obviously the cycle count has been increasing fairly rapidly since capacity fell below 10% in case theres a chance to save it. For reference these are a few key details of my battery as read from the ThinkVantage power manager:


Full charge capacity: 2.21Wh

Cycle count: 290

Manufacture date: 2010-08-12

Serial Number: 827

Design Capacity: 62.16Wh

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Re: X201 (6-cell)battery issue with windows 7 - massive drop in capacity

lord_winston wrote:


I cant believe that after such excellent performance that the battery would die so quickly on its own.




Cycle count: 290

290 cycles is getting to pretty much the end-of-life for a LiOn battery, so whether you can believe it or not, the outcome is entirely predicatable.


Batteries are consumable items and you've had better-than-average run from yours, until close to end-of-life.





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