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Paper Tape
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X201 / X201s UK Pricing

Could someone at Lenovo UK  please explain the following please?



UK PRICING (Base Prices)


X201 - £950.94

X201s - £1328.81



US PRICING (Base Prices)


X201 - $1099

X201s - $1349



Why have the UK prices increased whereas the US prices have not! I was intending to place a order for X201s but not at these prices.



Thank you

Paper Tape
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d like to know to!Re: X201 / X201s UK Pricing

I'd like to know to! I was just on the verge of purchasing an X201 tablet but Lenovo have hiked the base price up by £169 in the last few days.


I can't justify buying one now and will have to look elsewhere Smiley Sad  

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Retired SuperMod
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Re: d like to know to!Re: X201 / X201s UK Pricing

@ All, welcome to the forum,


Could VAT be a reason, I don't believe that such a tax exists in the USA, I stand to be corrected. There is, afaik, some state taxes, but not an all-inclusive like VAT. I believe the VAT rate is 17.5% in the UK at the moment?



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Re: X201 / X201s UK Pricing

At current exchange rates, $1,099 works out at around £735.


There's no import duty on laptops, but you just need to add VAT @17.5% to the US price which results in a direct equivalent price of around £865, so UK prices work out at 10% higher than the prices in the US.


Given the much smaller size of the UK market (and I expect smaller market share for Lenovo), a 10% premium doesn't seem that unreasonable.


A more realistic comparison would be to compare the relative prices of similarly positioned laptops from Dell and HP etc, rather than compare UK to US prices.


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