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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎02-24-2012
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Re: X201 mini PCI-E WWAN card seen, then not seen

Hi friends...


I buy the Ericsson F3507G 43Y6513 for my X201 3249-EPU

I put it in the slot, and start the laptop.

After sturt-up the Win7 install the driver, and the card was working (I also surf the internet and the Fn+F5 recognized it).


After I do a restart, the card wasn't seen anymore.


I've try to go to the bios (F1 - enter bios - F10 save - and restart) but the laptop don't recognize the card anymore.

Maybe you know how to help me???

I don't see the card in the Device Menagar.

In the BIOS the WWAN option is enabled!


Can anyone help me???

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Re: X201 mini PCI-E WWAN card seen, then not seen

[ Edited ]

Be sure you've turned on the hardware radio switch and the service WwanSvc is working. Open cmd window, type the string:
netsh mbn sh int

You have to see information about the card and Mobile Broadband service statuses.
Delete Device ID and post here the result, all strings.

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