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Paper Tape
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X201 wifi switch problem



I have an X201 with Windows 7.


Wifi does not work on my machine, in fact the adaptor is not on.  And when I try and switch it on (using FnF5), I get a message saying that the hardware switch must be in the on position (with a helpful diagram) but the switch is already in the "on" position.


I have uninstalled Access Connections (because it is painfully slow even no such a new machine and so annoying!) and this seems to have made the hardware switch stop working.


Is it possible to fix this without having to reinstall the bloatware?




Token Ring
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

check the device manager it may have been disabled you may need to enable it

What's DOS?
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

Having an identical problem.  So far, I've:


1)  Deleted the wifi device and re-installed using the latest Intel driver

2)  Installed : Intel® PROSet/Wireless Advanced Enterprise for IT Administrators: Windows 7 32-Bit

3)  Toggled the the hardware switch (of course!)

4)  Verifed WiFi is ON in CMOS


Pressing Fn-F5 however shows 802.11 Wreless Radio as OFF and will not allow me to turn it on???  Bluetooth toogles normally...


I'm about to perform a clean Windows 7 install (minus Lenovo bloatware,) but I've seen on this forum that it may not solve the problem.  


Have I missed anything else?  Any ideas?



Bit Torrent
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

Hello mate,


It's maybe a physical problem in the switch itself.


Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

I have exactly the same problem. I believe the hardware switch is faulty. I had to try several times and press it in hard while switching to make it switch on. Now, I use Fn+F5 console to switch WiFi and/or Bluetooth on or off and leave the hardware switch on all the time.

What's DOS?
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

Hi All,

           I have the exact same problem and I am 100% sure it is the hardware. The reason I am convinced it is hardware is beacuse it worked when I pressed the switch hard.

My laptop is still under warranty. Should I be seeking an exchange?




Token Ring
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

The wifi HARD switch on mine likes to migrate by itself to off position or somewhere in between. I usually just check it every once in a while. Minus any power management setting issues, it works fine enough for me.

What's DOS?
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

Migrate by itself? Is that a Lenovo feature. Kidding!! Smiley Wink

Paper Tape
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

i have the same problem. My wifi was turning on and off inadvertently, I would have to reboot to get back on a network. A few days ago it just stopped working altogether. I tried everything, read everything. I wonder if its a motherboard issue or is it solely a wifi card problem. This is my second Lenovo, i had a v100 that had similar problems and it turned out to be related to the battery, new battery and the wifi worked. 


i have bought a number of Lenovo laptops for people at work, this problem has caused me to think twice about getting another. Very frustrating in that it seems to be a common problem with the x201 and Lenovo doesn't seem to be considerate of its customers.

Retired Support Specialist
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Re: X201 wifi switch problem

Hey Trivington2012,


Have you done any of the above steps? Like uninstalling access connections and reinstalling it? Checking in device manager and making sure your device is showing. Updating the Wifi driver and such, I would suggest you do these steps first and post back what happens and I would be more then happy to help you take any other troubleshooting steps.


Best Regards,



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