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What's DOS?
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X201 with Server 2008 R2

I am trying to install Server 2008 R2 on my laptop.  I want to use this as a workstation.  I want to use the hyper v virtualization and perfer server over windows 7.  That  being said I am having issues finding some drivers. 


I cant get the bluetooth drivers to install.

I also cant get a PCI Serial Port

PCI Simpel Communicaiton Contoller

and one UInknone device with a hardware id of ACPI\IBM0068 any help is apreciated.

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Re: X201 with Server 2008 R2

welcome to the forum!


bluetooth isn't supported under 2008 R2.   it's a server OS and bluetooth is a known security risk (and has no place on a server when used as intended).   you might have luck with the modified bluetooth stack found here.   if not then you're out of luck.


the unknown device is power management.   you'll find the driver here:


the PCI simple comm controller is your modem.   follow the above link for the driver.


the PCI serial port is likely tied to either the AMT or Pro/1000 LAN driver.   again, see the link above.

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