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X201 without inverter card??

So I'm in the process fo replacing and LCD for a customer on his X201.

Just a line down the screen, happens here and there, swap out the LCD in whatever laptop it is and go on our way.


This time around I replace the screen only to have it boot back up without any image.

I double check my cables, no go.

I plug the old LCD back in and I faintly see the lenovo splash screen.  Great the inverter card went out while replacing the LCD.


So I investigate further and look around in the unit as well as my HMM only to see there is no inverter card on this unit.


Sooooo ... if there's no inverter card what is lighting up the screen?

Is the inverter card jsut somewhere else on the unit? (Please do not tell me it's built into the motherboard meaning it has to be swapped out.)


I'm going to try replacing the 'MicroCoprocessor' board and see if that fixes it, I'm also waiting on a replacement cable just in case I kinked up a wire during the replacement.



What says the experts lurking around here?

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Re: X201 without inverter card??

Hi Kicker774!

LED backlit displays don't use an inverter like CCFL backlit displays. The LED driver circuit could well be on the motherboard :-(.
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Re: X201 without inverter card??

did u change that microprocesor card ..... it working now?, i have the same problem

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