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Paper Tape
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X201s defects

Hello, I received my brand new x201s with the 6-cell battery a few days ago, and noticed some possible defects:


1. The battery does not perfectly fit in the laptop. If I hold the laptop in the air and touch the battery, it introduces play.


Being a large battery, it becomes the two "back legs" of the laptop. The battery's play leads to the instability of the whole laptop, when rested on a hard surface!


2. The plastic micro-hinges of the screen look misused. Please take a look at the pictures here:


Are they burnt? Are they broken? Or are they normal?


Thanks a lot!

Token Ring
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Re: X201s defects

Most of what you have said I agree with I think the battery as I have already stated is a major problem


Im not so sure about the plastic micro hinges they seem ok to me but to be honest I only noticed them after you mentioned it.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X201s defects - battery not tightly fitted

Hi, I have similar issues with my less than 1 mth old x201. Lenovo did come and swap my base, which is a major surgery that will take a bit of time due to the number of screws involved. It is just slightly better, unfortunately. It seems to be a quality control issue with Lenovo since the same battery has less play in an identical x201 that my colleague is using. I finally use a small piece of blue tac to fill the space and it is as tight as it can be! Too bad for such an awesome laptop.
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