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X220 1.36 BIOS sleep problem?

Hi everyone,


Anybody flashed the new 1.36 BIOS of X220, and afterwards find the system sometimes won't recovery from sleep properly?


I've flash my X220 a few days ago, and after that there sometimes happens it won't recover from sleep. When the problem happens, I try to wake my X220, only the power indicator will turn solid, fan will be on, but nothing else. Then if I press the power button the system will down immediately (not like normally you have to press and hold for a few seconds to turn off the laptop), and restarts one or two seconds later, and then shutdown itself before anything shows up on the screen, and then restart, and keep on this restart - immediate shutdown infinitely. I'll have to detach powercord and detach the battery to make it stop. And then I turn it on, everything is fine.


Because recently I've updated every driver and firmware on my X220 to newest, I am not sure if it is the 1.36 BIOS. Actually I've updated everything a few days before 1.36, then I've noticed the new BIOS and flashed it at once. Between the whole system update and 1.36 BIOS there are like only a week give or take one or two days, during that period I've never noticed this issue.


I am using Win7 Ultimate x64. It ran perfectly on my laptop for at lease 6 months so I don't think it is the OS's problem. I do suspect if it has something to do with the cold weather. However, I've flashed it back to 1.35 to see if the symptom lifts.



Please reply here if you are seeing the same problem.


Thanks and have a nice one!

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