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X220: 6-cell + 9-cell vs 6-cell + slice (6-cell)

Hi, I'm considering buying a second battery because my current 6-cell (29+ 42T4861) doesn't last more than 6 hours the way I use it. The current battery is in relatively good condition because I used to work while it was plugged in, I don't think the cycle count is greater than 80. 


I'm considering the 29++ 9-cell and the 6-cell slice, but I don't know which combination would be the best in terms of battery life.

I'm aware that the slice would be more comfortable to use, because the 9-cell sticks out, plus I would have to change batteries every time one discharges. Price wise they are rather similar where I live, considering that I would buy an external battery charger with the 9-cell. 


Is there a significant (1-2+ hours) difference between the two batteries, or is it negligable?


Thanks in advance, and my apologies if this was asked in the past.

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Re: X220: 6-cell + 9-cell vs 6-cell + slice (6-cell)


according to PSREF (tabook.pdf) the following batteries are compatible with x220 at present time:
ThinkPad Battery 44 (4-cell) 0A36305 ann 06/05/12
ThinkPad Battery 44+ (6-cell) 0A36306 ann 06/05/12
ThinkPad Battery 44++ (9-cell) 0A36307 ann 06/05/12
ThinkPad Battery 19+ (6-cell, Slim External) 0A36280 ann 03/01/11

You see 44-series batteries instead of 29-series which are discontinued.

As for the battery life look at this data from tabook.pdf also:
4-cell (28Whr): up to 4.1 hr;

6-cell (62.4Whr): up to 9.2 hr;

9-cell (99.9Whr): up to 13.8 hr;

external battery (64Whr): up to 9.4 hr;

9-cell plus external battery: up to 23.2 hr

As you see 9-cell and external batteries combination is the best. There is no problem to use these batteries together.

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Re: X220: 6-cell + 9-cell vs 6-cell + slice (6-cell)

a 9 cells 29++/44++ battery will give 33% more battery time then your 6 cells 29+/44+.

For best battery life, then you should get the 9 cells 44++ and the slice battery. That is what i use on my X220 and X230.

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