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X220 9-cell battery capacity?

Hi there, I recently bought a ThinkPad x220 with a 9-cell battery, thinking that it would help me get through the day without a charger. However, it seems like the battery is quickly deteriorating. It's been around a month since I purchased it, and the battery stat shows it's had 18 cycles of charge and discharge. I've made sure to never drain the battery down to 25%.  The capacity is reported to be at 97.4% of design capacity! Another laptop I had from Dell only dropped down to similar figures after a year. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to mitigate? Or is this battery flawed in its production?


Answers would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: X220 9-cell battery capacity?

Hi nzguy, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!


What you're seeing is normal for a lithium-ion battery. In normal use it's going to last 2-3 years.


Hope this helps explain!

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Re: X220 9-cell battery capacity?

For reference, my X220 slice battery is down from 65WHrs to 57Whrs after 134 cycles. 12% off, but it took a few months.


Come to think of it, yeah, that is some unfortunately quick aging, but in practice laptop batteries only really last one year--that's the length of the factory warranty. Three years? The graph in bananaman's link seems to imply that after three years, the battery will hold no charge at all.

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Re: X220 9-cell battery capacity?

use this.

After 18 cycles my battery is still with 99 per cent of the design capacity. FYI, i got the LG battery.

Jin Li

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Re: X220 9-cell battery capacity?

I'm running X220 I7 processor and 8GB memory with 9-cell battery and at least once a month, I run the battery down until it auto "shutsdown" at about the 10 percent battery mark.  This was/is a recommendation by IBM engineers and now Lenovo.  I have run my X-series laptops using this process have had no battery problems.  My X220 battery is a Sanyo with first use July 2011, battery life had not declined.  I can use in presentations for a full day of work without the charger.



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