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Paper Tape
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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared

X220 UEFI(Bios 1.22)+Win7 X64 with SP1

ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software 5.9.5 7038


Sometimes Fingerprint reader disappeared, and I have to uninstall ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software and then reinstall ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software. It workd again.

Punch Card
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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared

This issue was resolved for me by installing the latest ThinkPad fingerprint software.  I have been running it for over a month now with no issues.


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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared


Thanks for the update.


For those who are still having this issue, please update the TP Fingerprint software as suggested by psyops.

If problem persist, please drop me a note so I can get this sent in to engineering (US only).

Paper Tape
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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared

I have a similar problem with my 2 week old X220.


I didn't have this problem for the first week I had the laptop, but recently, after the laptop wakes from sleep, the two USB ports on the left side (next to video ports) don’t have power or recognize devices. The right side USB port (under the SD slot) will usually works, but not always. And now, I just started losing the fingerprint reader on wake.


I tried disabling the USB selective suspend setting in Power Options and unchecking the "Allow Windows to turn off power to this device" box for the Biometric and the USB devices in Device Manager.  But I'm still having the problem - both when plugged in to AC or on the battery.


ThinkPad X220 (4287-2WU)

i5-2520M(2.5GHz), 4GB RAM,320GB 7200rpm HD, 12.5in 1366x768 LCD, Intel HD Graphics, Intel 802.11bgn wireless, WWAN option, Bluetooth, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure Chip, Fingerprint reader, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Pro 64

Lenovo Staff
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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared



the fingerprint reader is a USB device, so I think all of your issues are tied together.  Many forum users have reported that the latest software/updates fixed this issue.  Please run Windows Update to download all of the latest Microsoft updates, and then run System Update to download and install all of the latest Lenovo updates.

Punch Card
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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared



so I had the same issue on my 2 week old x220 UEFI + Win7 64bit, everything latest from Microsoft and Lenovo... For a while everything was great, wake on swipe was working, then suddenly windows started complaining (I am not much of a reboot guy) so I just wrote my password for a few days and then today the laptop refused to start (blank screen on boot, nothing helped),and now it's out for replacing the  motherboard... I am kinda disappointed, but hopefully some update will fix all these issues...

Paper Tape
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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared

Hi all.


i thought I would post my experience with X220t issues with finrgerprint reader in case it may help others.


My X220t, one day old, was showing the finrgerprint reader as not being present at windows boot up. After finishing the set up of my system, installing all the programs, such as Adobe MCCS5.5, Office 2010, Norton 360, I uninstalled the fingerpint reader through "Device Manager", as it was showing as having a conflict, once there I've noticed that the "F5521gw Mobile Broadband GPS Port (COM6)" was also showing as having a conflict, so I unsintalled that too.


After rebooting my laptop, fingerprint reader, and GPS port were automaticaly reinstalled and all was working well(ish)... I say that, because Norton 360, after a few minutes that the laptop has been on, would show an error message saying that Sonar feature was unable to start. I must have uninstalled and reinstalled Norton 360 about 5-7 times before I decided to contact Norton customer service, once I did, they access my laptop remotly and tried to fix te problem, but no success...


Now, I've notice that everytime I would uninstall Norton 360, the fingerprint reader and GPS port would stop working and I would have to once again uninstall using "Device Manager".


I have then installed Norton Internet Security 2012 and have reinstalled the fingerprint reader and GPS, it has been 4 days since I installed Norton Internet Security and all is working fine and I have not had any more problems with finrgerprint reader nor GPS, which is working great with my iGO 8.3 (PC).


Today, just to make see if it was Norton that was causing the problem with the finrgerprint and GPS, I uninstalled Norton and presto, fingerprint reader and gps stopped working... Not sure what the connection is, however I have now reinstalled everything again and is all working just fine.


I hope this will help some one to pin point the root of the problem or to at least resolve the issue with their own fingerprint reader and GPS.



Serial Port
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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared

so this isssue is coming back at my X220 after few software updates, I don't know what happen, I tried every solution that I am aware but no avail. Maybe I'll try later to re install the software but this is crap wasting time ....
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Re: X220 Fingerprint reader disappeared

This occurs on computers with the following hardware and software configurations:

  • A fingerprint reader
  • The Windows 7 operating system
  • The fingerprint software 5.9 or a later version

This is because besides enabling the Windows fingerprint login setting in the    fingerprint software, the user also needs to enable the Windows or domain biometric    settings in Control Panel.


To enable the Windows or domain biometric settings in Control Panel, do the    following:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound >      Biometric Devices > Change biometric settings. The Change biometric      settings window is displayed.
  2. Select Biometrics on.
  3. Select Allow users to log on to Windows using their fingerprints.
  4. Select Allow users to log on to a domain using their fingerprints if the check box is available.
  5. Click Save Changes to save your configuration.
  6. Log off from the Windows operating system.

You will be able to use your fingerprints the next time you log in to the Windows    operating system or a domain.

This information was found at the following link:


Serge E. Minott
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