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X220 - How can I disable "press-to-select" in Windows 10

Hello. I could not find any answers to this question, so I'm posting new. Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere and I couldn't find it.


I'm running an X220 Thinkpad and I recently made the switch from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.  I use my trackpoint a lot.  Under Windows 7, occasionally for reasons I never understood a trackpoint feature that was called 'Press-to-Select' in the Mouse Control panel would enable whereby pressing on the trackpoint would cause it to act like clicking a mouse button. I hated that feature - especially when it would get hypersensitive and cause the mouse to click and jump all over my screen - and under Windows 7 I used to know where to go to disable 'Press-to-Select' after it myseteriously enabled itself.


Since switching to Windows 10, 'Press-to-Select' seems to be permanently on, in a very annoying hyper-sensitive way.  However, whereas I used to be able to go and turn it off in Windows 7, now when I go into the Mouse section of the control panel I no longer see any reference to 'Press-to-Select' being enabled or disabled.


Please, someone, help me disable Press-to-Select for my trackpoint under Windows 10.  What changed?



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Re: X220 - How can I disable "press-to-select" in Windows 10

Hi, welcome to the forum.


I don't have a X220 to give it a try, but on the Trackpoint drivers the "press to select" options was on "Control Panel - Mouse" and select the "Trackpoint tab" to check for the options.


Also e check that on your X220 you have the trackpoint driver installed. You can check the Thinkpad X220 support site and download the latest Synaptics drivers for Windows 10.


Give it a try to see if you find it.



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