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Token Ring
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Re: X220: Making sure it's IPS

I went back and looked at my confirmation email when I ordered - and saw this which I believe to be the "Premium" screen.  Your order confirmation list all the components of your laptop as well, though most likely in shorthand code.


Suppose this means 12.5 Premium HD Led screen.  When you order you order a HD screen or HD premium wide viewing, 300nts vice 200 nts screen so believe I ordered a IPS "Premium" screen.  Play ordered a X220 a few minutes ago and recall buying the premium version though I was not sure of the benefits at the time.  My screen is well lit and I like it - then again I am a first time laptop buyer after years of desktops.




Paper Tape
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Re: X220: Making sure it's IPS

I am not shure about my screen either. My FRU-Number is 93P5675 LCD LGD - is this the IPS-Screen?

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