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X220 SSD Issues (Since Bios Update 1.33)

X220 i7 2620m
8GB DDR3 1866mghz
Intel X25-E SSD
Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

Decided to cleanup my X220 this past weekend, updated the bios, secure erased my SSDS, and tried to get the machine formatted.

Since the Bios Update to 1.33\1.21, I have been tearing my hair out with a growing anger.

I came from bios 1.24 and had my X25-E as my OS\boot SSD on UEFI, the 80gb MSATA as a storage SSD.

The following issues have arisen...

With the X220 to Legacy Only, I can boot to my external DVD-rom and launch the Windows 7 Installation media, It detects the SSD and will install the OS onto the SSD, after restart the machine hits the blue and grey boot menu.  To resolve this I have to hard-power the machine on and then off, only after a hard power on and off will the X220 detect my X25E again.

I can then boot into windows, make changes, use the Operating System, but every time I reboot the X220 fails to see the X25E and my only choice is to hard power the machine.


If I try to use UEFI First\UEFI only, the machine will only post to the blue\grey boot menu\loader.  At this point I can see my external DVD drive, but it will not launch any CD\DVD in the drive.


Similar results are found when using a USB flash-drive.

It seems clear to me that the only change is the BIOS Update, since the update the machine sometimes will not restart "Ctrl-alt-delete" and get past post with the SSD in the X220, it will stay paused at the "Thinkpad" logo startup screen and not progress.  

Immediately the changes are removed if I pull the X25E out.

Sorry if this all seems rather complicated it was hard to put down in words whats been happening.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Re: X220 SSD Issues (Since Bios Update 1.33)

Did you try reverting back to Bios 1.24?

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