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What's DOS?
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X220 doesn't enter into suspend & hibernation mode



   I'm using ThinkPad X220 (4290KS1) with Windows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu) being all current updates (Windows and Lenovo) applied. However, I cannot make it suspend and hibernate in Windows.


   When I select "suspend" or "hibernate" in Start menu or pressing Fn+F4 (suspend) or Fn+F12 (hibernate), system would not going down to these modes. Instead, system is still awake with display blank. 

   Sometimes suspend seems to be successful, however, mostly awakes by some chance (unknown reason). Hibernation always fails.


   This is case in Windows. In Ubuntu, both suspend and hibernation works with no problem. 

   What should I check? Reinstallation of related lenovo utils?

   Thanks for your kind reply in advance.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X220 doesn't enter into suspend & hibernation mode

Hi terakinizers,


I can help you on the Ubuntu side, but not so much on the Windows 7 side. Basically you'll want to first troubleshoot the problem and find the root cause, then start solving the issue.


I'm guessing that the issue here is caused by some Linux or ThinkPad ACPI power management policies not being able to consistently put devices/interfaces to sleep when you suspend/hibernate your computer. 


Checking syslog


To start troubleshooting and isolating possible root causes, everytime the computer fails to suspend/hibernate, check the system log at /var/log/syslog immediately after rebooting the computer. The most convenient way to do this is:


Using the built-in GNOME system log viewer (GUI-based): run "gnome-system-log" in Terminal.

Scroll to around the time the laptop attempted to suspend/hibernate, it should show you the whole process and report any errors if any.


Checking pm-suspend.log


There's another log file, at /var/log/pm-suspend.log which contains logged information specifically related to the suspend/hibernate process. It tends to be less reliable than syslog since it only logs execution of the pm-utils scripts (at /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d), but you never know.



Please kindly post the outputs of the two log files here (use Pastebin) so we can start fixing the root cause.

What's DOS?
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Re: X220 doesn't enter into suspend & hibernation mode

Hello starscream92,


    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately (?), hibernation and suspend in Ubuntu works nearly perfect. The problem is in the Windows side ... especially hibernation (suspend seems to work).

    Still strugging ...

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