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What's DOS?
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X220: hard drive replacement: SSD and HDD spacers and rails

Hello forum, I have a question about hard drive replacement on the Lenovo X220. I am thinking of buying one this summer, but I'd like to know beforehand what is required to upgrade the hard drive, as I may potentially want to equip it with a SSD in at some point. This support page explains that "rubber rails on the hard disk drive or spacers on the solid state drive must be attached to the replacement drive. Otherwise the drive cannot be installed properly."

So if I were to buy a thinkpad with a standard hard disk drive and then decide to replace it with a solid state drive, would spacers be already supplied with the laptop or would I have to purchase some? If so, where can they be obtained and how much can I expect to pay for some?




Daniel Strong

Punch Card
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Re: X220: hard drive replacement: SSD and HDD spacers and rails

you can use te ones supplied with the hdd that is shipped with the machine. I replaced my hdd with a ssd without any issue