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X220 - mSata SSD not detected


When putting in a mSata SSD into the WWAN slot, the mSata SSD is not detected in BIOS and can't be selected as a usable drive.


mSata support has been added via BIOS 1.18 and above.


BIOS 1.19 via link provided below.


BIOS here

Text here


Text ISO here


If BIOS has been upgraded to version 1.18 and above and mSata SSD is still not detected, it means one of two things:

1.  the mSATA SSD is defective
2.  it indicates some incompatibilty between the SSD and the ThinkPad for which there is not currently any solution
Based on customers postings on the forum tested with BIOS 1.18 and above the following mSata is working on their X220.
  • Intel 310 - 80GB mSata
  • Intel 310 - 40GB mSata
  • MyDigitalSSD - 128GB mSata





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vegan-fanatic On 2018-06-28, 16:31 PM

Thanks, but I think most users have installed the latest ROM already


newermike On 2020-01-16, 21:42 PM

X220 Windows 10 loaded on M2 SSD on the board. 

Wanting to put a SSD or HD in the normal HD bay however, 

With a HD in the bay, the M2 SSD does not load or boot. Even after I changed many parameters in the bios. 



Mike in Miami . 

vegan-fanatic On 2020-01-16, 23:06 PM

Get a standard SATA SSD which is what I use in my X220.


M.2 us used on more recent machines and the X220 is not designed to use that format


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