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X220 power on issues



So, i have this relatively old x220 (i7-ed), r9-n8r (if that helps), that I've bought second-hand last December. I had no problems with it until now, and I've kinda caused them myself, i guess.


So, first, I've installed an Ubuntu in place of the Win7Pro that it came with. It was then when it started - the scanner (that i need to swipe over on each power-on) started going "too many failed attempts" after each failed swipe.


But then i had the stupidity to assume that resetting the fingerprints in BIOS would just let the power button do it's job. Turning the PC on, that is.




It doesn't react. Also, now, when i plug the power cable in, the battery LED just blinks 6 times and goes black again. More exactly, it blinks three times, then another time, slightly longer, then two more fast blinks, and it goes black.


Any easy way to solve that?


Thanks in advance!

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