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Blue Screen Again
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X220 trackpad jittery, on battery or mains power!?



I just bought a used Lenovo X220 in mint condition. It came with Windows 10 installed and everything works fine apart from teh trackpad. It just feels very innacurate especially when moving slowly and trying to click on something kind of jumps around in a very small area, making it very frustrating to be accurate. It's as if it is only moving in rather large square movements around the screen rather than smoothly.  


I've read various threads about these trackpads and issues with using certain power supplies. But my problem is happening on battery power or with it plugged in. I keep trying different drivers that I come across on forums, but nothing seems to change. 


I have read in a couple of places that using the drivers from the Synaptics site are much better, but they dont seem to install for me. Can anyone tell me exactly which ones to use from their site? I was just going for the top ones for Windows 10, but there are two?


There is no Bios update program on the lenovo site for windows 10, although some people seem to think updating the Bios might help. Any ideas about this?


Is there anything I can do about this, as it's so frustrating I can barely use it. I dont like the track point either. Im currently using a mouse which tracks great!  I'd really appreicate any help


Thanks in advance


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Re: X220 trackpad jittery, on battery or mains power!?

Good day.


Do you have the X220T or the X220 clamshell laptop?



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: X220 trackpad jittery, on battery or mains power!?

Its the x220, not the tablet.

I updated the firmware for the touchpad and it made a difference, but its still not perfect. To be honest I think these bumpy thinkpad trackpads are awful. Coming from my macbook pro its so hard to use.

She has gone back to france with the laptop now, so I am hoping its ok.

Just before she left the trackpad would stop working occasionally, and when it did, it was as if random keys were being pressed, as things would pop up all over the place. Very weird, felt almost like a virus, but it couldnt be. I was wondering if it was windows 10.

It seems there are endless problems with the trackpads on these laptops, wish I had known before buying

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