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X220 ultrabase 3 power adapter/optical drive?



I'm interested in X220 i7 with Ultrabase 3 to replace my old x200 with ultrabase 2. Anyway, I have questions about reusing some of my old stuffs from my x200 ultrabase.

1. I have my old DVD drive (44C5203 I think) that works perfactly fine. Is it compatible with the new Ultrabase 3? or I need to order a new one.

2. I also have extra a 65W adapter sitting around. Do I need to get 90W for using with x220 and ultrabase 3 (with optical drive)?




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Re: X220 ultrabase 3 power adapter/optical drive?

1. yes it is compatible as they use the same type of connector interface.

2. with ultrabase 3 you can use the 65 watt adapter.

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