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Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎11-05-2009
Location: Texas
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Accepted Solution

X220 - unexpected error occurred (rc=9)

Hi All,


Just received 2 new X220 thinkpads - I'm attempting to burn factory recovery disks on a lenovo USB multifunction cd/dvd drive.


I receive the 'error unexpected error occurred (rc=9)' when attempting to burn the disks - I came across another forum suggesting that the first disk is a CD and the rest should be DVD - This worked to burn the recovery media - however when I inserted a DVD to continue the rest of the recovery media I receive the afore mentioned error.


I have gotten 1 of them to complete a full set of disks - 4 in total.  The other one, no such luck.


Anyone else out there having similar issues?


- Chad



Community SuperMod
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Re: X220 - unexpected error occurred (rc=9)

Hi syrious!


I got that error too! It turned out to be bad media. I tried a new pack of DVD's and it went away.


Hope this helps!

I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎06-13-2011
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Re: X220 - unexpected error occurred (rc=9)

I have same problem. Did you do backup immediately or after instaling 3rd party software? I am wondering if daemon tools causes error. I remember that after clicking on Q disk, recovery window appears. Now I need to use recovery creator from start menu.


Is any possibility to get recovery disk from lenovo for free?

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 37
Registered: ‎02-20-2010
Location: Poland
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Re: X220 - unexpected error occurred (rc=9)

Hi, same problem here - any dolutions beside contacting Lenovo reseller? Any ideas from Lenovo?

What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎05-19-2012
Location: USA
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Re: X220 - unexpected error occurred (rc=9)

Same here - any solutions yet?

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-27-2012
Location: UK

Re: X220 - unexpected error occurred (rc=9)

Hello Guys 


Seems to be I have found solution after I noticed that my usb cd-rom always lost connection with computer just before finalizing disc.  So all what i did ... i just plug additional power from USB to my ICY BOX (it can work without adding power to it) and after all i was able to finish creating my Recovery Media. Hopefully it will helps. It does for me good luck. 

Paper Tape
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎09-12-2014
Location: Michigan, USA
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Re: X220 - unexpected error occurred (rc=9)

I was having a similar problem with a Desktop.

I was using DVD - discs and switched to a CD-R for the first disc and then used DVD+ discs for the rest.

Switching from DVD - to D VD + fixed my problem.