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X220 vs X1 - who has ordered (and received) an X1 already ??

first impressions / opinions ? lessons learned ?


reading all the reviews i can find online, but wanted to know if someone here has something to add

as i would value the opinion of a private person much higher than any website / magazine.


thanks in advance for your replies.


Need to order a new X-series - either the 5th or so X200/220 or make the transition to the X1.

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Re: X220 vs X1 - who has ordered (and received) an X1 already ??

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Yes i got both of them last year.

Personally i like the X220 better for the following reasons:

1. Better battery life. On a 6 cells i can get about 5 hours of battery time easily for office based work and web surfing, if i am conservative, i can stretch it to about 6 hours.

on a 9 cells, i consistently get about 8 to 9 hours battery life, and nearly double that with the battery slice.

The best that the X1 can offer with the slice is around 8 hours, but that really negates the whole idea of having the ultraportable. My X220 with 9 cells weighs less then the X1 with the slice battery added, and still offers more battery time.

So in battery time, the X220 wins. And the fact that you can easily replace the battery on the X220 is a real bonus.

2) Keyboard -> X1 keyboard is really good chiclet keyboard, but the change of keyboard format to this chiclet style, still takes alot to get use to, especially if you are coming from other ThinkPads (if you are coming from Macbook Air/Pro, then you feel right at home).

Then the fact that the function key and other keys, such as insert, delete have all been changed, which is slightly weird. And can really messy if you are those people whom use lot of Function key groups.

3) Trackpoint, for some reason the X1 keyboard trackpoint is really weird, it is very difficult to use, as compared to the other classic thinkpad keyboard. I have replaced the keyboard 3 times, and it is all doing the same thing, which means it is a hardware design.

basically it is less responsive to the input. This for me means a lot, since trackpoint is the only thing i use.

X220 trackpoint is spot on.

3) Trackpad, okay so the trackpad on the X1 and X220 are both pretty bad as compared to any previous trackpad used on the ThinkPad Classic (also i don't like the dimple surface texture).

4) X1 only have one ram slot, and X220 have 2 that are easily accessible.

5) X220 have a dock connector, the X1 don't.

6) X220 have a better thermal management system then the X1, so getting the i3 is better option on the X1.

7) X1 don't have an expresscard slot, so no eGPU solution. X220 does have an expresscard slot

8) X1 have a eSATA/usb combo slot, the X220 don't.

9) X1 have a miniDP and HDMI slot, versus DP and VGA. I personally prefer the X1 option, since this means i can drive two monitors using digital video connection.

10) X220 have IPS option, although the TN on the X1 isn't that bad (actually it is the probably one of the best TN on the market in terms of viewing angle).

11) X1 have a flap to cover the earphone/mic combo and side usb port, very annoying.

12) X1 keyboard key attracts skin oil.

My usage of of X220 is 10 times greater then the X1. Enough said.


Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: X220 vs X1 - who has ordered (and received) an X1 already ??

well, i just ordered yet another X - series notebook.


but following the aforementioned info and a long process of weighing the pros and cons

i went with an X220 - WEEKEND528 gave me a but better price than the MEMORIAL ecoupon

and it should be on the way soon......

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