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X220i SSD options

hi, im considering upgrading my x220i (university model with core i3) with a ssd.


1. does the x220i support sata3? i.e the OCZ Vertex 3 120gb 2,5"


2. If so, will it be much faster than the mSata ssd ie. Intel 310 80gb?


3. how does the mSata ssd (in this case the intel 310 series) stand against 2,5" SSD (i.e ocz vertex 2, intel, samsung 830) in terms of performance.


i am concern with the speed rather than the storage space, so the advantage of msata ssd + hdd is neglected.


answers and recommendations are greatly appreaciated.


thank you very much



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Re: X220i SSD options



  1.  The x220i support SATAIII SSD (the OCZ Vertex 3 will run at full speed)
  2.  The Vertex 3 will be faster than the Intel 310:

OCZ Vertex 3 120GB vs Intel 310 mSATA 80GB  (approximation, speed in MB/s):


  • Sequential read:    500 vs 215
  • Sequential write:   170 vs 85
  • 4K read (QD1):       36 vs 20
  • 4K write (QD1):     100 vs 45
  • 4K read (QD32):   120 vs 150
  • 4K write (QD32):   165 vs 80

That said the real jump is from mechanic HDD to SSD... Intel 310 to Vertex 3 is a good upgrade, but not as noticeable as the previous example.


3.  The OCZ Vertex 2 120GB would be as fast as the Intel 310 80GB, while the Samsung 830 128GB will be as fast (if not faster) as the OCZ Vertex 3 120GB.


If you're concerned only with the speed it'll be better for you to take a 2,5" SSD. Some examples are the OCZ Vertex 3, Crucial M4 or Samsung 830... For what it's worth I'd prefer the latter two, I trust much more the Samsung or Micron controller than the Sandforce ones (I've experience stability issues, and I'm not the only one!)...


Check the forum for compatibility issues, just to be sure that the 2,5" SSD you'll choose will operate smoothly with your x220!


Good luck with the upgrade!



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Re: X220i SSD options

The X220 requires a 7mm SSD/HDD. The Vertex2/3 are 9.5mm. Some have gotten them to fit but you cannot use the bracket that comes with it and some had to take off keyboard etc...

It's not an easy fit.

There aren't that many 7mm SSD's out there, one of them is Intel 320 series (sata2), and there are a few SATA3 ones like Micron C4, Crucial C300, I think a new Samsung 830 is also 7mm...

Some have a spacer that you can remove, but it voids warranty on some units.

Make sure to find a 7mm one.
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Re: X220i SSD options

HiVolt is right... I've just forgot to mention!

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Re: X220i SSD options

Hi guys thank you very much for your inputs. im leaning towards the samsung 830. I reckon going for the sata3 would be a better choice since it costs just a wee bit more.


what about Intel SSDs? you recommend any from Intel? actually what would you choose if you were to choose it for yourself?


and one more thing, just to confirm my understanding of SSDs. they will be more reliable, generate less heat, sound, lighter, faster, more robust... use less energy and that means longer battery life?? how much longer?? ~10% more??


Thank you very much

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Re: X220i SSD options


i have the Samsung 830 (128GB) in my X220 - and i am very very happy with it!

You might want to read this link:

/Henrik - Denmark
X220 - i7-2620, 8GB, 128GB Samsung 830 SSD (I just LOVE my X220!)
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Re: X220i SSD options

Hi Henrik, thank you for your reply.


i think i have decided on the samsung 830, however im still deciding between the 128 or the 256gb one.


I have another question though, what would be the best way to move content on the hdd to the new ssd?


is  there an easy way to just clone the drives, then pop the old out and slide the new one in? dont want to have to re-install windows and all the stuff again.


thank you



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Re: X220i SSD options

Hi Everyone,


So I just bought an Intel 320 Series GEN3 80GB 2.5IN SSD SATA2 Solid State Disk Flash Drive Retail W/ Bracket.


Because my X220i Thinkpad is fairly new, what is the best way to copy the entire partition onto the SSD?  I don't have any personal files just yet so migration should be easy but not sure how to go about this.


Thanks for any help.  I'll look in the forums tonight to see how this migration can be done.



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Re: X220i SSD options

if you didn't install new software and don't have your personal data the simplest way is to install new system on SSD from Factory Recovery media which you can make from special application from Control Panel. This process will take you about 15-20 minuts and you'll get a system like from a factory. Then delete Lenovo_Recovery partition on SSD and resize partition C: on it.

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