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What's DOS?
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X230 3-5 minutes on wakeup from hibernate and standyby

I've seen similar post earlier this year, but notsolution.


I've been using thinkpads since 2000.  Huge fan of the X220, but my new X230 is takes so long to wakeup it is almost useless at times (at least 3-5 minutes to be usable -- the mouse is not responsive, the screens are sometimes blank, etc).  I teach class and have to come at least 10 minutes early to have it wake up until it is useful.


It has been like this since day one.  Took it to our tech support people who said they could find nothing wrong in terms of diagnositics, however, they agree is it is very slow.   Much slower than than my X220.  I think there must be some hardware problem, all reviews I read about X230 is how fast it is.  I've updated every driver, etc.  I've ran every performance test I can find.


My info:  X230, Wins 7 Service pack 1, 8GB Ram, i7 CPU (2.90Hz).


When I do a performance test, Harddrive is the slowest (5.9).  Memory never gets close to maxing out, generally stays around 2GB usage level (with a total of 8GB!)


The harddrive goes *nuts* on wakeup.  I assume it is moving all the data from HHD to memory, but can it really be that slow?  5 minutes ?  It is really really annoying.  I'm thining of buying a new laptop.


So so disappointed. 



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