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Paper Tape
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Re: X230 Broken Power Button

Hello, I think my question wasn't posted.

Lead_org, where can I find the BIOS MENU, I am not an IT person. Could you guide me? Thank you.

What's DOS?
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Re: X230 Broken Power Button

So. Here is how to fix it. I removed the keyboard from the flex hand and i pulled 2 wires straight from the flex band and connect them to a regular switch. 

You have 2 screws on the keyboard. Remove them. Find ur way to remove the flex gently. The end of the band has pin connectors on both sides. Starting from left to right looking at the band with pins facing up, connect pin 6 and 7. Those 2 pins are the power on and off. Try on both sides as i cannot explain which side it is but dont worry you cannot damage anything.

There is a braket holding the flex band.

So you can use it after either to catch the wires on the pins and screw the bracket to hold them in place. 

Or just solder the wires on the flex band and then fix the bracket on the flex and wires to hold them secure.

Just be careful when soldering. You have to be fast. Dont keep the iron for to long on the flex as it will melt.

First put some soldering on the flex band pins really quick. Then do the same for the wires. Then solder the wires on the flex.

Remember not to keep the iron too much.

If you have good steady hands just try to place the wires between the flex band and the bracket and after positioning right screw the bracket.

Also on both sides of the bracket stick some tape so will not make contact on the flex pins or the wires.

Good luck.

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