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What's DOS?
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X230: Camera settings not showing in Lenovo Settings



I got this X230 recently and it works great except that I cannot get the camera to work. For example, with Skype, I can select between:

  1. Integrated Camera, and
  2. Thinkvintage Virtual Camera

With both, I get the led light beside the camera On, but the instead of the output of the camera, I get this: 




I made some research and found that the camera's privacy setting might be set to Private in the Lenovo Settings app. I didn't have that app, so I downloaded it from the Windows store. However, the app doesn't have a camera settings section: 


[Image removed]


I reaseached more and found that one reason it's not showing up in the Lenovo settings is that the drivers might be missing. However, checking the device manager, I found the drivers installed and all look fine. 


I don't know where  to move from here. Any ideas will be very much appreciated.





Moderator comment: Image showing serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief.

What's DOS?
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Re: X230: Camera settings not showing in Lenovo Settings



I removed teh Camera driver from the Device Manager and then from the Action menu I selected "Scan for hardware changes"


WebCam worked in Skype but still not appearing in the Lenovo Settings App.



What's DOS?
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Re: X230: Camera settings not showing in Lenovo Settings

I have been trying ot run my X230 with as little bloat as I can get away with. Seems that without the Settings app, the camera is stuck in private mode (and looking at other posts, with the settings app it is stuck in some quasi state of existence).


I uninstalled the drivers, windows automatically recognised a new camera device, reinstalled the drivers and it started working immediately with google hangouts and an online webcam test. Couldn't find any camera settings anywhere otherwise. Hopefully it doesn't die on the next restart.

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