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X230 bad quality keyboards - slanted, loose and bent keys

Hi folks, got recently a brand new X230 - so far, I'm quite happy with it except for the keyboard. The cursor keys on the first keyboard I got were slanted upwards on their left edge, as if the spring mechanic beneath them were aligned incorrectly, not right in size. The keys neither did fit entirely correctly and came loose. Then, after phoning with the support twice, sending pictures and arguing for a while, I got a new keyboard. Result: Quite the same lousy quality again: Cursor keys are slanted upwards on their left side (which is very irritating) very much like with the original keyboard, but this time they are at least not loose. Instead, the F9 key is now on its lower left edge bent upwards as if it was forced out of its mold when it was still hot and flexible - which looks pretty irritating, not to say broken. Technically, it is not loose, but it is only held down on three instead of four points, the lower left corner makes no contact to the mechanic beneath. Gaps between the keys are not aligned and irregular, and too close between F9 and F8 which might have caused this flaw during production. Moreover, ESC and DEL key are slightly tilted out of alignment (rotated inwards), probably also by forcing them out of their mold too early. Just saw a couple of Lenovo notebooks elsewhere (W-series IIRC) with the same keyboard, but good quality, so reasonably quality keyboards should at least exist in some place. I really don't want to argue with support anymore - they keep telling me it's only "an optical flaw". But folks, if I spend >1000€ for a notebook, I prefer "good quality", and not something that looks as if I found it in the grocery store next corner. Is there anything else to do? I'm tired of fighting with the support.

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