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X230 in Germany with IPS (Premium) Panel and 2x2 Antenna

I am a long time Thinkpaduser (T20, T23, T40, T42, T60) who wants to go on the X-Road for a change.

Just recently i had a visit from Canada who was carrying a X230 with IPS Panel and a Webcam. I liked that. Very much.


I wanted to order a X230 in that specific Configuration: IPS Panel and Webcam, unfortunately that does not seem to be possible


The German Lenovo Shop allows me to to order the following Combinations:

TN-Panel with 2x2 Antenna (allows Webcam)

TN-Panel with 3x3 Antenna (no webcam allowed)

IPS-Panel with 3x3 Antenna (no webcam allowed)


So i checked the US Shop and discovered the following Options:

TN-Panel with 2x2 Antenna (allows Webcam)

TN-Panel with 3x3 Antenna (no webcam allowed)

IPS-Panel with 2x2 Antenna (allows Webcam)

IPS-Panel with 3x3 Antenna (no webcam allowed)


So it seems to be possible....

I called a buddy of mine who works for IBM UK and asked what if he can get ahold of my perfect tpad, he looked around in the internal Shop and it was the same for him, only three Options.

So i called Lenovo Germany and asked what went wrong here. They told me that the Lenovo Online Shop is run by Digital River and they have no control whatsoever as to what products are listed and which are not, sounded kind of strange to me, but who am i to argue.

So i called Digital River. I ended up with some Hotline Dude that spoke approx. 500 Words of German and no other Language i could use to communicate. (Great Service btw.!) It took him roughly 10 Minutes to convey the following Message: Digital River has no control over what is sold in their shops. They are given lists from Lenovo which they use to fill the store. If anyone could do sth. about it it's Lenovo and not DR.


So i called a local Lenovo Retailer (who happens to be really really unfriendly btw) and asked the same question. They basically told me to order as is or go to hell. (They used nicer words but the tone conveied the message).

Second Retailer. He was quite friendly and helpful. He told me that he couldn't order anything i can't order unless i Order 100+ Devices. Since i don't really have use for 100+ Notebooks that wan't much help either.


But he did give me a tip: This Forum. He Said is regularly read by Lenovo Employees which sit in the right place. So that is what i am counting for.

Can someone please fix that?

I already looked for a decent substitute from competing vendors but unfortunately there really isn't anything so i am stuck with you guys. If all fails i have to order to TN-Version and a seperate IPS-Panel from the US and void my warranty and waste a **bleep**load of money....





Punch Card
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Re: X230 in Germany with IPS (Premium) Panel and 2x2 Antenna

Same problem in france Smiley Sad

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