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X230 picture

2012-04-17, 20:51 PM

Here is the first picture of the all new ThinkPad X230:


Admin Edit - Pic removed. 


Lenovo policy is that employees cannot discuss unannounced products.  You are free to continued to discuss / speculate on what the next generation of Thinkpads might be, but we can't respond.  We can certainly continue to read your ideas and opinions.  Accordingly, I can't allow pics that may or may not reflect an unannounced product here.


I appreciate your understanding.






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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-17, 21:48 PM

Hmm. Not sur ei like the keyboard... too bad it still has that terrible "clickpad"....


I'm more interested in the specs... Any leaks yet?

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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-18, 0:01 AM

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-18, 2:34 AM

I think the only thing that would make me upgrade from my X220, if they offer a higher resolution screen. While 1366x768 is not BAD on a 12.5" screen not like on a 15.6" monstrosity, but I want more vertical pixels...

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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-18, 2:44 AM
Then I'm glad my X201 have a 16:10 screen instead of a 16:9 one.

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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-18, 10:28 AM

Other then the keyboard nothing new here.
I can't imaging the keyboard on the X230 being as comfortable and excellent as the one currently being used in the X220.

Is this a cost cutting measure or does it really not affect the ergonomics of the keyboard???
And why? why? Lenovo did you get rid of the seventh row of keys:smileysad:

Anyone from Lenovo care to explain there keyboard choice?

And when i'm whining about design choices; why didn't you leave the return or enter key blue i like it used to be on the X220 it's thinkpad heritage:smileywink:.

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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-18, 11:40 AM

dodger_NL schrieb:

And why? why? Lenovo did you get rid of the seventh row of keys:smileysad:

Wait until the display manufacturers switch to 21:9 displays the the same argument as from 4:3 to 16:10: "The customers requested it" :smileyvery-happy:


Then the keyboards will get rid of two more rows and if you are travelling with your Thinkpad under your arm you will look like somebody with a burnt Baguette under his arm:D


With the loss of the Clam-shell, Thinklight, hook closure, matte display (some models), keyboard - rows and -mechanics and status-led bar more and more typical "Thinpad" idendity gets lost. What's coming up next? - No trackpoint, no black case, no Ultrabay?

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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-18, 22:06 PM

That keyboard - disaster...




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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-18, 23:31 PM

Not that I am planning on buying one, because my x201 works fine.


Here are some things that I feel about the line myself.


Item 1:

It would be nice to be able to turn off the touchpad. My x201 does not have a touchpad at all by customization choice. From what I understand, the touchpad is standard now. I still prefer the trackpoint. When I play with one of my relatives Thinkpad Edge, I get annoyed when my palm triggers off mouse pointer movement.


I do not see anyway this can be fixed through software or hardware other than being able to turn off the touchpad.


Item 2:

Component Indicator lights are nice as include option. Going back to the Thinkpad Edge, which has no component lights for the hard drive, wifi, and bluetooth. It would be nice to have the option still available. I understand that there are some battery and hardware cost saving to not include them at all. Maybe it can be an option on the website store, because it does come in handy when I put my laptop to hard work. It just shows me that the laptop is still working well, when the software does not provide indicators of its own.


Item 3:

Thunderbolt Technology & USB 3.0. The number of ports to provide is optional.


Item 4:

Docking stations are nice.


Item 5:

VGA, DVI, HDMI, Displayport, and Thunderbolt Again. Displayport only seem to catch on for Macs, which does not seem to use full size ports either. I guess what I am trying to say is that displayport monitors are not very prevalent in the United States as least. I understand that at one time that displayport was the plan. It does not seem to me that it worked out in practice though.


Item 6:

Thunderbolt one more time vs Expresscard. I think that originally will say Expresscard's ancestor PCMCIA was created, so people could use a network via cellular technology addons in addition to network card addons. Basically, these things at that time were not included in the laptop. USB 2.0 ports is also an example of something that came out later.  Today it seems to me, Thunderbolt and Expresscard have a new meaning now. In addition, I would say that either one is directly related to how much hard drive space you have in some fashion. Having a low capacity (less than 130GB) hard drive would probably negate the need for high speed external devices in a practical fashion. Windows programs usually are installed to a local hard drive of the machine. Running Windows programs from removeable devices probably would not work out for every conceivable program that could be installed. Anyways, Thunderbolt due to form factor with a good hard drive would probably not be a bad idea.


Item 7:

Black color is still a nice option.


Item 8:

Keep the backup and restore software is a must. I have not found a better one that is included in a laptop.


These are a few of my favorite things.


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Re: X230 picture

2012-04-19, 8:22 AM

You cannot switch all Thinkpads to that kind of keyboard! I know you will probably do it in future! Shame!

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