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Blue Screen Again
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X230 suddenly powers off

I have been using my X230 for last two years without any problems and it still works fine except for one thing: very recently I have experienced a sudden power off a couple of times. I don't remember whether it was plugged but my battery is perfect for sure. While operating normally, the power suddenly went off. So I had to reboot it. This happened around 5 times last couple of weeks. 


I realized that I have never done a system update since I purchased this so I tried to do that but it doesn't work. (See my another post below for this issue.)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I am experiencing a similar problem with my 2 year old ThinkPad x230 laptop.


In my situation, the computer goes completely dead instantly on a random basis.  It is like the power supply just disappeared.  No attempt at a normal shutdown process.  Just instantly dead with black screen and no indicator lights..


In my situation the problem happens regardless of whether the computer is operating on battery only, battery + A/C supply or just A/C supply.  (Just in case I recently ordered a new OEM 44+ battery which has not arrived.)


I have completely updated WIN 7 64 bit Pro, all drivers, and Lenovo Solution Center software.


I scanned for viruses and malware using Norton, Norton Power Eraser and Malwarebytes:  all is shown as OK.


I replaced the 180GB SSD drive with a new Samsung Model 850 SSD 500GB.  Same problem.


Ran every hardware diagnostic tool I could find on system checking SSD, memory and all other hardware.  All reports as fine.  CPU temperature is 45-52 degrees C max.  SSD temperature is about 34 degrees C.  No noticeable hot spots on case.


Updated BIOS.  Same problem.


Disabled hibernation.  Same problem.


(Perhaps related is a message from Lenovo Solution Center that a hidden (non-lettered) partition on the SSD is 95% full.  I assume this partition, which is labelled "Data" like the D:/ partition, is some sort of system related log or backup separate from the backup stored on the D:/ partition.  I cannot find any solution on the Lenovo website explaining the purpose of that hidden partition or how to expand it beyond the current 99.99MB size.)


Any suggestions?



What's DOS?
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I work in IT / field support and was just made aware of this issue with the X230s at work this afternoon... apparently we've had 3 within the last few weeks start doing the same thing. Unfortunately we haven't had much time to diagnose it yet since we typically just swap users' laptops out and send them on their way. I will say that I did swap the HD out of one X230 into another one, and the issue has apparently disappeared (this one was shutting off almost every time you moved it). So I'm thinking it's definitely HW related, possibly a bad soldering point... I'm going to take one of the defective ones apart when I have some extra time and see what I can find out.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Thanks for the input. Look forward to what you discover.

The x230 is my third ThinkPad to date. The other two ThinkPads (T Series with HDDs) survived drops and a car wreck (while the computer was running).

I have babied the x230, which has been my favorite ThinkPad to date. Hate to part with it.

Thanks again.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Update to post #2 above.


Purchased and charged new battery.  Computer still instantly turning off at random intervals between 30 seconds to 30 minutes.  Just goes blank.  No power whether on new battery or AC.


Finally got an error message on reboot at BIOS screen saying "Error sending End of Post message to ME"


Anyone have any ideas?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Further Update:

Ran Lenovo Battery Maintenance program on new 44+ battery for ~9 hours without a failure. (Full discharge and recharge.) Results: good battery as would be expected, but wanted to reset any Lenovo battery maintenance setting to eliminate as potential problem source.

I ran the extended system check tool from the Lenovo BIOS. It took 6 hours. Everything on the system passed. Not a single power loss during the 6 hour test running on a combination of battery and later AC power.

Next booted in Safe Mode with Networking. Accessed many of the same websites (, etc.) for ~45 minutes without failure, but the video would not run.

Next reboot in normal mode and accessed the same websites, and system stopped running within 6 minutes.

I am thinking the problem is either a faulty video driver, video card, or CPU accelerator (or capacitors for such hardware).

Any thoughts?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Another Update:


Performed a "clean boot":  <Start>, <msconfig.exe>, <General>, <Selective Startup> and disable all non-Microsoft services.  Ran a short video in a loop for hours (both on just new battery power and AC/new battery combination power) without a failure.  Monitored the CPU temperature level, which never got above ~52 degrees C.


Performed a regular boot on AC power with new battery installed.  System failed within 10 minutes.  Same as before:  instant off, no beeps, no error messages.


Performed a regular boot with AC/new battery combo power.  Updated Lenovo Solution Center software (again), this time updating and installing the "non-critical" components.


Performed a regular boot with AC/new battery combo power.  Ran video loop for about an hour without failure.  Temperatures still in 50 degree C or less range.


Unplugged AC and ran on new battery only.  System ran for about an hour without failure.  Accessed Lenovo Power application; system failed within a minute.


Performed a regular boot on just new battery power.  System failed within a minute even though new battery showed 99% charged.


Performed a regular boot on AC/new battery combo power.  Was able to backup about 30 GB of data (60+ minutes???) without failure.


Gave up and decided to take system to Lenovo Authorized Service Center.  Will let you know what they find.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I too started experiencing this random power off. I have been running Windows 8 since 3/13/2013 and have not changed anything for a year before this problem started just this last month.

I do not think it is a heating issue since the problem will happen and then is rebooted and runs for hours or days before another failure.
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Does the X230 have a RAM door?


just wondering, because I believe the W series had a similar sudden shut down due to static electricity and the metal "fingers" on the RAM door.

Just a volunteer. Please post your questions in the forum, as I will not reply if they are sent in a personal message.

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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

X230 HMM says yes:

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