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Re: X230 suddenly powers off




Good suggestions... will be interesting if that happens to apply in the cases in this thread.




As you have noted, since it is random, it seems unlikely to be thermal in nature so you certainly improved things by addressing the thermal paste issue, but I would be surprised if that fixed this particular issue.  I like artic silver and use it whenever we are swapping a board or CPU here and re-using the fan / heat sink.


I wondered if everyone here is on the same BIOS and EC level or not ...  thanks for the updates.



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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I am looking into these reports of X230s suddenly powering off.


Is there anyone in the US experiencing this issue who has not applied any fixes or sent the X230 into service who would be willing to assist me? If so, please PM me.


Thank you,

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Ever since I took the laptop apart and applied new thermal paste, it has not had a single power loss for close to two weeks.

I recall that when I was experiencing the random power loss, the fan would spin up a split micro second before the power loss. Now the fan hardly spins up and when it does I do not experience any power loss.

Maybe it was a thermal issue after all.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I've had my x230 since 2012 but only used it about 6 times as I have a "worker" computer that I use. On the sixth time of use my x230 did the SAME EXACT THING! No drops, no falls, not even used really. Well FORTUNATELY I did still have a warranty and IT WAS INDEED THE MOTHERBOARD! The repair tech was like "have you even used this (it had the full keyboard cover) so not even a spec of dust. I'm suspecting that there is some sort of hardware failure problem that hasn't been disclosed yet, so I've been checking and how I found your post.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Sorry for the delay in posting a follow up to this thread.


In my situation posted earlier (post #3, I think), my 2 year old ThinkPad x230 laptop was going completely dead instantly on a random basis. No attempt at a normal shutdown process.  Just instantly dead with black screen and no indicator lights..


In my situation the problem happened regardless of whether the computer was operating on battery only, battery + A/C supply or just A/C supply.  Neither the purchase of a new OEM 44+ battery nor power supply helped.  Complete updates of WIN 7 64 bit Pro, drivers, nor Lenovo Solution Center software helped.


My local Lenovo-authorized repair center said that they had seen similar problems on the x230 series and replaced the system board under the extended warranty for free.


A few months later and no signs of the sudden power loss.


However, immediately after the warranty replacement of the system board, my Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 WiFi adapter developed stability issues regardless of whether attempting to connect at home, work or on the road on either band.  Now the Internet Explorer "wait" icon just spins and spins sometimes and I eventually get an error message saying that the computer cannot connect to the website.  Refreshing the browser sometimes will access the web page.  Any ideas on whether replacing the system board could impact the wifi adapter and how to fix?



Fanfold Paper
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I haven't noticed any wifi problems but as I said I haven't gone hardcore on that computer yet. After I updated using lenovo software update my system went from a 15 sec boot time to a 30 sec boot time (according to wisecare) so I don't know if it was the intel drivers that were installed or what. Power manager, and the intel drivers were the bulk of the updates.

Paper Tape
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

lenovo is the worst company ever.


so, i had exactly the same problems like all others. after *almost* two years it randomly shuts down.

x230 (i7 w/ 16GB) which i payed more than $2000 is shutting down randomly. with battery, battery + AC, AC only...


i live in germany.  in 2013 i spent 6 weeks in nyc. ordered laptop so i can get it while there. it got delayed. i had to wait for my friend to bring it to europe after almost two months.


after 10 months i had to replace a mother board. that's after 8 months of me using it. in warranty. at least.

only now realized that my warranty was only for one year. had no idea. that's my fault. (for my previous laptop i payed on for extension of warranty. it charged my credit card but it didn't get recognized by the system. i wrote to the customer service. got lost there. luckily i didn't need it.)


now i'm supposed to replace the mother board *again*. which probably costs more than a computer.


before i logged in this forum it didn't recognize my account/email. it said my email address xxxxx is not valid. that's the email address on which i got several emails few years ago from this very forum. got few emails again today. but no luck. the form doesn't recognize it as valid ?!? the rest of the system does. hahahaha...


so here i am with another email address writing to the lousy computer manufacturer, with the worst customer service, a company not even able to run a software for forums.


i'll wait for another company able to compete with apple.


i'm just sorry this post will not appear as the first result on google when searching for thinkpads. but i'll make my best to spread this around...



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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Curious if had found the issues with the power offs. I have two x230, which I might add are the best small laptop I have every owned. Upgraded both systems with msata, more ram, bluetooth. BUT one system does power off randomly for no apparent reason and sounds similar to the gentleman with the fan suddenly turning on and then poof....its off. This system is my wifes. she has not dropped it, updated bios, nothing. Sometimes it powers off immediatly, other times it last for awhile. My system has not had this issue - exact same laptop-at all. I will wait a few days to see if there is a reply. If not I will start taking it apart and see what I find. 

Paper Tape
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I had the same issue after 2 years with my X230. Just randomly goes black, especially if you move it from place to place. Sometimes will go black multiple times in a row. But will also run for hours if unmoved.

It looks like it might be the thermal compound that others have posted about. Not being at all able to do the job myself (10 thumbs here) I took it to the local repair place and basically told them what to do. He charged me $60 to do it, took him a day and its been fine ever since. Alot cheaper than a new motherboard.  He said that the thermal compound inside had basically dried out and crumbled apart.

Its been a few weeks and no issues, I can use it like its meant to be!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I've barely used mine so it couldn't be a "thermal issue" in addition if it was they would have just serviced it instead of having to replace the "motherboard". I'm VERY upset about this issue as it is a nice computer but isn't reliable for the work that it was intended if the motherboard keeps frying for no good reason! I want it replaced with x250, they can get my 230 back. It's in PRISTINE condition. I still have some warranty but don't want to have down time.

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