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Fanfold Paper
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Just posting out of interest in this thread (don't have an x230 - but do have a great deal of experience with computer repair/network engineering etc).


You mentioned a key point in your post, that moving the unit exacerbated the issue. To me, that indicates a poor connection as the most likely culprit. 


On the thermal past issue - this seems to be a common complaint. However, this does not really jibe with the issue being exacerbated by moving the unit.


To me, both points are important but probably not related. Here's the rationale behind it;


When you replace the thermal paste you are dissasembling a good portion of the unit (if not all of it). This means then that the components are removed and replaced. This means they are now re-tightened and also that the contacts have all been re-seated. In my experience, this is probably what resolved your issue and it's very common with respect to computers.


Removing/re-seating components can often fix issues such as you mentioned. Corrosion can get in there between the joints and when you remove and and re-seat the components it tends to scrape that corrosion off. 


I think that replacing the dried/aged out thermal paste was a great idea. The side benefit was that everything was removed/replaced and the screws were all re-torqued. I think that's what actually addressed the underlying issue. Nevertheless, in troubleshooting an issue like this, both are good bets!

Paper Tape
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

i upgraded BIOS. it solved the problem. no reboots after months of use now.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Sorry, I was actually directing my post to x230guy but I'm glad you got yours sorted 

What's DOS?
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

Dears Community Colleagues,

my X230 thinkpad tablet continues to power off suddenly, when on AC or on battery.

i exchanged for a new battery, however it is still having the same problem.

please is there now a final view on what can be a final remedy for this problem?

i read most of the posts, about changing the mother board, the addition of thermal paste, upgrade the BIOS, remove the dust from the heat drain, etc..

i truly appreciate if you can help identify the latest remedy for this sudden power off issue on the X230 thinkpad tablet.

thank you,


Former Employee
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

For customers experiencing sudden power off on X230 systems when they are moved, please check the connections on the WLAN card before replacing the motherboard. It may be that the contacts require a good cleaning and the adding of electrical contact lubricant to resolve this issue.

For Lenovo's recommended methods on servicing your system, please see the Hardware Maintenance Manual:


For customers under warranty, please contact Lenovo Service and refer to Service TIP #SF17-T0002.


Thank you,


Blue Screen Again
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

I removed and reinstalled the WIFI card (by removing the keyboard and palm rest first), *without cleaning the contacts or applying electrical contact lubricant*, and it appears to have solved the problem for me! This repair only took 15 minutes following the repair manual linked to in @Amy_Lenovo's post.

Sorry to turn this into a "works for me, thanks" thread -- just clicking on the "kudos" and "found this helpful" buttons for @Amy_Lenovo's post is a better idea -- but I wanted to add that I didn't bother with the "electrical contact lubricant" (I don't have any) and that the solution still worked and was easy.
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Community Moderator
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Re: X230 suddenly powers off

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