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Paper Tape
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X230 that thinks its a tablet.

I just received my second non-tablet X230 after my first one didn't work out. The new one has Windows 8 Pro loaded on it and I noticed that many of the programs were optimized for a touch screen by default, I also had the touch keyboard button on the taskbar.


This is not a huge deal, but does anyone know if there is a way to remove "Pen and Touch" support or fix this error. I imagine that they loaded the x230 tablet image onto my x230 by mistake.


Here is a picture of what I'm talking about.






Paper Tape
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Re: X230 that thinks its a tablet.

Token Ring
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Re: X230 that thinks its a tablet.

In case you didn't know, Windows 8 is designed for touch tablets. There is no such thing as "Windows 8 Tablet edition" - they're all the same thing with Pro having some extra features like group policy, remote desktop and bitlocker support. I don't see why you even got it on a non-tablet machine in the first place.


Microsoft are trying to be like Apple here, and what they've ended up doing is alienating most desktop pc users with their pretty, but frankensteinian operating system. Even on a classic convertible tablet it's usually pretty crap if you don't have a touch screen, but only a digitizer display. You should probably search around some windows forums for advice on how to turn those settings off.

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