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X240 Battery not being used or included in % remaining

This is a new one for me. My Thinkpad has the internal 3-cell battery and 6-cell hotswappable. The past several days I have noticed that my primary (internal) battery is not being used or included in the % available calculation. Ie., my monitor will say 30% remaining. When I look at each, my secondary batter (6-cell) is at 30%. My primary (internal 3-cell) is showing 97%.


I have reinstalled the battery manager, did a gauge reset on both batteries, let my hotswappable run completely down wondering if it is somehow prioritizing usage and would switch itself over to the internal.. although it has never done that before. My laptop shut itself off with 97% still remaining on the internal. I also swapped out the secondary battery.


When I first noticed it my internal battery was lower (~40%) but re-charged just fine and has been sitting at 97%, not charging ever since.


My only thought now is possibly an error with my internal battery. I'm not too excited about changing it, but it's the only other thing I can think of.


Suggestions? Anyone experience this before?

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