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X240 Performance boost figures after adding Intel SSD and 8GB DIMM

I just pimped-out a Lenovo X240 AL with an Intel 530 series SSD, and a Kingston 8GB DIMM. The performance results achieved are quite startling:


The Windows Experience figures, stock vs 'pimped' are:


                                    Stock X240                   Pimped X240

Processor                     6.9                                6.9

Memory                        5.9                                7.2

Graphics                       4.9                                5.0

Gaming Graphics          6.4                                6.4

Primary Hard Disk         5.9                                7.9


Looking closely at the higher Memory and Disk performance, SiSoft SANDRA reports


                                                            Stock X240                   Pimped X240

Aggregate Memory Performance            7.7GB/s                        10.5GB/s

Drive Score                                           92.6MB/s                      513.4MB/s


So, in conclusion, the X240 memory controller gets significantly better memory bandwidth from the Kingston 8GB DIMM vs the stock 4GB and the Intel 530 series SSD is over five times as fast as the stock 500GB HGST HDD. I expected the SSD to be quick, but I expected memory throughput to be the same, just bigger, so the extra memory speed is a bonus.

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