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What's DOS?
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X240 USB Boot

Trying to boot to USB on my X240 but not working. I see my device in the boot menu, but when I choose it, the screen blanks for a second then just brings me back to the boot menu. I've tried changing my BIOS settings (disabled USB UEFI Support, disabled USB 3.0 mode, disabled "Secure Boot", disabled UEFI boot and enabled Legacy Boot) but same results. Updated to latest BIOS (2.24) but same result. I'm able to browse the contents of the USB media when Windows is loaded on the machine. I've tried several different USB media devices, none of them boot. The devices all boot on other PCs. Suggestions?

What's DOS?
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Re: X240 USB Boot

I'm having this same issue as well. Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: X240 USB Boot

Look at the BIOS Setup menu.

Lock UEFI BIOS Settings
Supervisor Password (status)

Are you able to choose "Load Setup Defaults" item?

If above settings will be not related to the issues I'd advice to set partition on USB stick as "active" using OS diskpart.exe tool. Do not perform partioning or format the drive. Data will not be lost.

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What's DOS?
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Re: X240 USB Boot

I ended up calling tech support on this. When I got them on the phone, the first thing we did was reset BIOS to default settings to begin troubleshooting. However, no troubleshooting was necessary because after that, the laptop booted to the USB drive.


So, I would suggest resetting BIOS to default settings, then try to boot!

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