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X240 disc upgrade


I have Lenovo X240 with two discs 500GB HDD SATA 6Gb/s with additional mSATA SSD 24GB . Computer is running very slow and I would like to upgrade disc to SSD. Can anyone give me piece of advise what would be the best option?

- change the HDD for SSD and get rid of the additional SSD

- keep HDD as a storage and replace mSSD?

- or is it time to change computer?


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Re: X240 disc upgrade

Welcome to the Community

The storage upgrade way depends on:
- total storage capacity you need
- your budget for upgrade
- files, applications that should have fast access.

Indeed, the most significant way is to replace HDD + small SSD to big 2.5" SSD, 1 and even 2 TB.

Possible, cheaper way, is to replace small SSD for a one with begger capacity for OS and applications (128 GB is enough, 256 GB is better), keep the HDD for data. In this configuration the SSD will not be used as a cache drive for HDD as you have presently. But I hope it's possible after some tweaks.

Such small m.2 SSDs (type 2242) are expensive enough, so 512 GB seems not a good choice.

Moreover, x240 supports up to 2 m.2 2242 SSDs and 2.5' drive (either SSD or HDD). It depends on the laptop specification, the 3rd m.2 connector presence under internal battery.

Note, if you'll keep HDD and current OS installation (no matter, on the HDD or cloned it on new SSD), but remove curent m.2 SSD, you should remove caching software beforehand.

The laptop replacement just because of the storage access reasons isn't the best choice. )

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Re: X240 disc upgrade

As has been noted, budget is a big deal here.  My X240 came with a 256Gb SSD, but a few weeks ago, after noticing things were getting a bit tight, I added an M.2 256Gb drive.  At U$60, it was a *little* expensive for the size, but the alternative was a larger 2.5" SSD replacement. 


If I were you, I would first replace the hard drive with an equivalent or larger SSD.  You'll save on power and heat, and there will be fewer moving parts in your machine.  I would remove the small M.2 at the same time, since once the main drive is SSD, there's no reason for that kind of cache (that I know of).  Then at some point in the future, you can expand the machine with an M.2 drive--if you need to.

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