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X240 intermittent "Battery 1: The battery is not detected" message

About a year ago, I replaced the internal battery on my X240 running Windows 10.  For six or seven months, all went well.  Then, from time to time, I started seeing this message:



What's maddening is that it doesn't happen all the time.  If the battery had developed a fault, I would expect to see this message every time I started the machine up, but it happens about 30% of the time--and exactly when varies as well.  It can be just after boot time, or it can appear after an hour or so. 


On those occasions when it happens, shutting down and restarting the machine sometimes (but not always) fixes the issue.  I've  replaced the external battery (Battery 2) and never encountered this problem with that battery.  The whole thing is particularly annoying because I prefer the 3-cell external battery for size reasons.


Before I go purchase yet another internal battery, does anyone have any suggestions?


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