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X240 internal battery not charging though "plugged in - charging"

Hi !


Over the past two weeks I've spent my time troubleshooting why my recently (used) bought X240 is not charging the internal battery.


Short timeline:


1. Bought used X240 in good condition but with dead internal and external battery - working well when using power supply.

2. Came home and tested that thing -> both batteries show "0% - not charging" (with Win10Pro installed) *suprise, surprise*
3. Ordered both new internal and external battery.
4. External battery came 1.5 weeks ago. Installed it and worked like a charm (Battery 2 (external): X%, charging).

5. Internal battery came the day before yesterday. Installed it and did not work -> "Battery 1: 53% - plugged in, charging - Battery 2: 6% - plugged in, not charging)

6. Waited the recommended 6-12 hours like it was written in the "manual" to get it fully charged.
7. Next morning -> Batterystatus unchanged (see point 5) ... It's stuck at 53%. Though the status says it's charging, it doesn't.
8. Simply tried out what's going to happen when I pull the cable of the power supply -> Notebook instant off *hmmm*
9. As the external battery was obviously blocked from charging by the internal (as it was not charged), I've taken out the internal battery again and et voila, external battery is charging again.

I've tried to remove both batteries and perform the "Magic Trick" (press the main power switch for 30 secs) and I've also pushed the "reset" switch on the backside near the battery. Sadly without any result ;-(

I also updated the BIOS to the newest version as soon as the external battery arrived. Also no result.


Note: In my Lenovo Settings App that I've downloaded from the Microsoft Store got no "Battery Thresholds", because that is what my first guess was.


You guys got any tips for me ?




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Re: X240 internal battery not charging though "plugged in - charging"

Did you buy Lenovo or aftermarket batteries?  It could be defective

I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo.
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Re: X240 internal battery not charging though "plugged in - charging"

The external battery is a original Lenovo branded one. The internal is from "Kingsener" that I've got off from Amazon from China or something.
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Re: X240 internal battery not charging though "plugged in - charging"

Solved. Indeed - the Chinese (KingSener) battery was corrupted. Received an original Lenovo battery today that I've ordered the day before yesterday and it worked like a charm. Thank you anyway.

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