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X250 Screen Hinge

Hi all, 


I recently purchased a brand new X250 laptop, I am slightly concerned though that the hinges are not quite up to scratch. I was expecting really tight, rigid hinges, with no play or movement at all. I was under the impression these would be really tight and the only way to open, close, or move the screen would be by holding one hand on the base and the other to adjust the lid. 


However, with mine, they do feel very weak and loose. When typing, there is movement of a few milimetres of wobble which I was not quite expecting. 


Is there anything I could do to tighthen these hinges myself? I am not comfortable at all to take the laptop apart! I did wonder if wrapping dental floss around the metal part of the hinge would make a difference as it seems that the hinge is not going through completely. One side has the cables, and the other is attached to the base. What would be your suggestions? 


It does of course have a warranty with Lenovo - but I am concerned as well as I have read that hinges might not be covered by warranty! There are no cracks at all in the unit whatsoever. No damage, and the problem is always when the laptop is on the desk. 


I really appreciate any help and suggestions with this matter. 


Many thanks. 

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Re: X250 Screen Hinge

Just contact technical support. It is covered under warranty. If they break, then it is considered abuse, which is not covered under warranty.

Warm regards,
Jonas Hendrickx

Lenovo Insider - Windows Insider MVP

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