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X250 and SSD Upgrade Questions

I am looking to upgrade my X250 to improve performance. I am not a gamer, don't need lightning speed, so I figure almost any type SSD will do. My Intel I7 chip will support 16GB memory, so I will be doing that as well.


I have a couple of questions I don't see answered.


If I install a 256-500GB M2.SSD for the bootable drive, can I use the currently installed HDD as a D: drive? I did see I need to remove Express Cache if I use the M2.SSD slot for my bootable drive. Anyone doing this and what do I need to do in Disk Management to define the two drives?


I think I can do a MS system backup of my HDD before either installing the M2.SSD or the internal SSD, and do a system recovery to restore Windows to the new drive. If that won't work, what do I need to do?


Do I need to format the SSD before doing the recovery?


If I decide to to low tech and just replace my HDD with an SSD, is there any reason to retain the M2.SSD? It is mainly to improve disk performance, and with an SSD instead of an HDD, it seems like wasted overhead. I have used fast startup, and I see no difference in startup time. Seems like a waste of effort.


I don't think the Lenovo recovery partition on my X250 is of any use after upgrading to Windows 10.


After I get the SSD installed and working, I plan to do a fresh install (not reinstall) of Windows 10 Pro, and format the SSD during the install. This should get rid of any unused partitions and make maximum spae available for my C: drive.


All comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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