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Paper Tape
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X250 and Transcend M.2 drive - beware!

I've recently received my new X250, but since it only came with 180GB SSD, I've decided to get M.2 Transcend 256GB drive. Installation went fine, drive could be seen and accessed from the OS, and all seemed good. After few days I've started noticing the drive randomly disappearing from My Computer, and BIOS messages about M.2 error. Usually power off/on would fix the issue.

The drive is TS256GMTS400, with firmware N1114H. I've tried the Transcend software (SSD Scope), but it would not detect my drive.

So the next step was the support - I was advised that this revision of the drive has known compatibility issue with X250, and I need to send it back to be replaced with newer version. I was told that it is not possible to just upgrade firmware on this drive.

I've stupidly decided to give it a chance, and unfortunately just few days later the drive has stopped working - not visible from BIOS anymore, and the system would bluescreen on restart. I'm not sure yet if I've lost any data (fortunately not much there) - I'm waiting for M.2-USB3 cable to test the drive this way.

I am obviosuly now going to send it back. The computer now works fine after I've removed it.

Beware of Transcend M.2 drives for your X250!!!

Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎07-30-2015
Location: UK
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Re: X250 and Transcend M.2 drive - beware!

Just wanted to give some update:

1. Transcend support reacted very quickly and supplied me with anogher drive with newer and supposedly compatible firmware.

2. Drive was fine, not dissapearing as the previous one.

3. Two weeks later the drive died in exactly same way as the previous one losing all the data that was on it.

I managed to get Amazon to refund me at least. Still need some drive though.

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