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X250 and multiple displays with Pro dock 40A1



There are a few posts along these lines but I cannot seem to find a definitive answer.


So I have an X250 with a pro dock 40A1 and I want to get two VGA (interface, not resolution) monitors working with it. I have one running off the standard VGA connector on the back of the docking station, with the built in display as well.


Ultimately I want to shut the laptop and just have my two 22 inch monitors running (it is set to not shut down if I close the lid). The ports that are left on the dock are the display port (DP) and DVI, I have read that the DVI and VGA cannot be used together but can the VGA or DP work simaltaneously? I have a DP to VGA cable and the monitor seems to detect something but the laptop does not, also when I unplug the VGA and have the laptop lid down the DP does not burst into life implying it is not working.


If someone can categorically state that the VGA and DP can work togehter then it might be the DP to VGA cable.


Any recommendations or definitive statements welcome.





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