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Blue Screen Again
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X250 system board failures

Over the past few months my customer has purchased over 20 brand new Lenovo X250's.  Out of those machines I have encountered 4 with bad systemboards.  The machines imaged perfectly using MDT and were handed out to my users.  Within a few weeks and in some cases months the machines began to power off and were unable to be powered back on.  If you plug in the AC adapter you get 3 flashes on the power button which Lenovo support in Atlanta Georgia has confirmed is a failed system board. 


In the first case a user was using the laptop on the Thinkpad Ultra Dock and was using an external keyboard and mouse.It suddenly powered off and would not power back on.  When plugging in the provided AC adapter directly to the laptop I got 3 flashes on the power button.  I chalked it up to the user not handling the laptop properly or doing something they shouldnt be doing with the machine.  I opened my first case with Lenovo support in Atlanta Georgia.  Lenovo arranged a repair but after waiting more then 30 days for parts to be available I called Lenovo in Atlanta and inquired on the status.  They said that the part they are waiting on is a motherboard and if I didnt want to wait any longer I should contact customer service.  I opened a case with customer service to request an exchange.  The support person was very helpful and arranged an exchange of the unit with an identical build.


The new replacement machine arrived and inside the box I was provided with a brand new battery and AC adapter as well as the standard documentation that one receives when ordering a new machine.  I imaged the machine using MDT and suddenly and without warning during the image process while doing it's first pass to install updates the machine powered off completely.  I tried to reboot the machine but received no response other then 3 flashes on the power button when trying to plug the power into the unit.  Again I encountered another dead machine with a system board needing to be replaced.  I opened a case with Lenovo and they arranged a repair.  I sent in the unit a few weeks ago and it's currently in their posession on hold while parts become available.  Again I am dealing with them not having enough motherboards in stock to repair these machines.


I sent my user out another Lenovo X250 and within 2 weeks this new 3rd machine had the same problem.  This time my user said he was working with the machine flat on his desk with no AC connected.  He was just working off the battery.  The machine suddenly just turned off and when he plugged in the power adapter he noticed the power button flashes 3 times but nothing happens when  he presses it.  The machine would not turn on.  I sent in this machine to Lenovo for repair and it's currently being held in their posession are availalbe (again).  I spoke with my customer service rep who inquired about whether or not there are reports of widespread motherboard issues with Lenovo X250's.  He informed me that there are none currently and furthermore the 2nd machine that was sent to my had a slightly different chipset and therefore had a slightly different motherboard.  They could not determine why this is happening but only make note of each occurance.


The last machine (number 4) that had this issue was in the hands of another user.  He said that he was working on the laptop at his home.  He put the laptop into sleep mode and the next morning could not power the machien back on.  He sent me the laptop and sure enough when I connect the AC adapter I get only 3 flashes.   I am about to open the 4th case with Lenovo about these issues. 


To be clear.....

1. We have never used the same AC adapter, docking station, or battery between these machines.  

2. In each occurance each machine had a brand new battery and AC adapter as well as a brand new docking station when the users  had these problems.

3. I have tried depressing the emergency reset button in the emergency reset hole as documented here but that didn't have any effect.  I knew it would have little effect based on it's intended function.


I am hoping that someone else out there has had a simlar experience and can shed some light on this issue.


Thank you

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Re: X250 system board failures

I have an x250 which has been in the Mephis depot since 7/16 with this same exact issue. Apparently there are at least 30 x250 system boards on backorder as well, with some trickling in each day. [I was advised that my machine would be repaired about as quickly as they could get an exchange, so I'm currently just waiting.]

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Re: X250 system board failures

I have an x250 which has been in the Moscow (Russian) depot since 7/28 with this same exact issue. After motherboard was changed - there were no problems, besides that I cannot run integrated camera and microphone under Windows 10 x64.

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Re: X250 system board failures


Hey guys,  thank you for sharing your issues with the x250.  Gives me some hope with my unit too.  I just purchased mine last September 2015.  On the latter part of October 2015, I was using my unit attached to an external mouse and keyboard (which I always do with my laptops) and for no apparent reason, it just suddenly shutdown then the power, mute, and mic LEDs blinks without ceasing. 


I have done reset, drain both batteries, and the 30sec button reset and I still get the "cant start, but LED blinking situation."


I called up Lenovo Philippines and they determined that it might be a motheroard issue.  I am waiting for the on site technician to schedule an appointment with me to change the entire motherboard.  I will update you all

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Re: X250 system board failures

The continiuation of this history is that my X250 all in all was declared by Lenovo to be unrepairable. After changing the motherboard, I have discovered that the camera+mic module is dead and brang the notebook to the service again. The service has given me the confirmation of the impossibility to repair and let me change to get back money or the new notebook.

I was never so unhappy with Lenovo production. I think that all the X250 line is very badly produced and even new notebook will not be reliable.



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Re: X250 system board failures



I am sorry for this late feedback.  I was impressed by the warranty support that I received here in the Philippines.  Within 3 days from the call that I made to the Lenovo call center.  I was connected to a local 3rd party support and they told me that the motherboard has arrived from either Singapore or Malaysia.  A repair engineer dropped by my house and within 2 hours had everything good as new.


Lenovo is not that bad after all.  It just made me realized that I essentially have a brand new laptop for the next 3 years.

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Re: X250 system board failures

Hello. I was helped by Lenovo service - the broken computer was changed and the new one is much more stable than previous one - I have quickly restored my Windows 10 with installation flash drive from the back up.
I was made new X250 working again during 15 minutes. May be this is because I have got new improved hardware production. I'm very glad with X250 working with no problems.
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Re: X250 system board failures

Hello guys. I have absolutely the same problem as you. I bought my x250 i7 in December 2015 brand new. Yesterday I put the laptop into sleep mode and in the morning - nothing. Only flashing power LED. When the AC is connected - the expected 3 flashes of death. That's it. I arranged a repair, but looking from your experience I already know that I am facing a lot of headache. We'll just wait and see. 


P.S. I am from the UK. You guys are from United States, Poland, Philipines, Russia... It appears that Lenovo has a Worldwide problem with the x250 motherboards which sounds very concerning. Or it may be all resolved with a simple BIOS update. Who knows...

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Re: X250 system board failures

In response to customer reports that X250 ThinkPads may not power on as expected when the system batteries are fully drained and the only activity seen is the LED for the power button blinks three times, Lenovo has released a new BIOS and EC Firmware that includes a solution.


To power on the X250 after this occurs:

  • Open the bottom cover
  • Remove the external battery
  • Unplug the CMOS battery for 30 seconds
  • Plug in the CMOS battery and external battery
  • Put the bottom cover back on


For the official procedure, please see the Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) located under "Documentation" here:


Version 1.21

UEFI: 1.21 / ECP: 1.16

(New) Updated the CPU microcode.

(New) System can be turned on without AC adapter even if bottom cover was opened.

(Fix) Fixed an issue where system with dual batteries might not power on

(Fix) Fixed an issue where system might not resume from hibernate with Intel PTT on Windows 10.

(Fix) Fixed an issue where Intel Rapid Start Technology might not work on Windows 10.


BIOS v1.21 with EC Firmware v1.16 can be downloaded here:


Thank you,


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Re: X250 system board failures

Saved my day thanks
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