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X270 Thinkpad (20K5) SSD Upgrade

2018-12-26, 18:33 PM

Hai, i recently bought a thinkpad x270 with machine type 20K5, and want to upgrade from 256GB to 500GB or 1TB

so in my environment, there are two scenarios that can be done,

1. moved my old SATA SSD from my X230 to my X270

2. buy a 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD.


My thinkpad x270 comes with a Samsung SSD PM961 NVMe PCIe M.2 256GB


scenario 1 issue:

bought a connector to change the NVMe connector to a SATA HDD Cable, which i already bought from ebay (https://goo.gl/ZqBcpi) but it didn't work, it's showing error 2100, which from the user guide stated that the HDD is broken. i'm contacting the seller for this. since the SATA SSD are working fine in my X230 Thinkpad.


scenario no. 2 issue:

then i was thinking, what if i upgrade the SSD with the same NVMe PCIe M.2? so i've listed a compatible NVMe PCIe SSD with 1TB storage:

- 1024G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,SAM,OPAL 00UP438

- 1T,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,SAMSG,OPAL 00UP462

- SSD,1T M.2 PCIe OPAL 2.0 00UP704

- 1TB, M.2, 2280, PCIe 3x4, TOS, OPAL 00UP648

- 1024G, M.2, 2280, PCIe3x4, SAM, OPAL 00UP492 


For 2nd scenario, i've checked the price in online, and as it turns out, so very expensive,

and i got confused along the way, since the PCIe, NVMe, SATA, SSD, has so many specification requirements


so if i were to upgrade my SSD now, i need to find Samsung SSD PM961 NVMe PCIe M.2 1TB -- this is the best replacement part for scenario no. 2.

but since the price is way more expensive, it's like having a new laptop just to upgrade.


so searched with google, and found an alternative, AData XPG SX6000 NVMe PCIe with 1TB storage SSD,

but this type of SSD is using PCIe 3x2 whilst the PM961 is using PCIe 3x4


Guys, i really do need help deciding if this Adata XPG is compatible with my X270, since it's not cheap, even if it's cheaper than the PM961 1TB.

and if i were to use the SSD SATA Samsung Evo, any ebay link that you guys can give me for SSD SATA connector? scenario no. 1?


Please feel free to comments, and thanks if you guys can answer my question and enlightened me with this NVMe, PCIe, and M.2 issues


Thanks in advance,




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Re: X270 Thinkpad (20K5) SSD Upgrade

2018-12-27, 15:53 PM

A lot depends on what you do with the machine.  An SSD is much faster than a spinning drive, and the biggest improvement comes on startup and shut-down where lots of little files are read and written.  (eliminates latency due to spinning time) When you are reading or writing big files, the SSD is still faster, but the difference is less.  3X4 is certainly faster than 3X2, but you will hardly notice it with little files (like startup).  The difference is greater when moving a lot of data in large files.  If you are loading data to or from the Internet, the difference will be much less because the network throughput is more likely to be the bottleneck.  Most SSDs work.  I have used ADATA drives, but not that one.  When buying non-lenovo parts, always confirm the seller's return policy.  


One more thing.  When a spinning drive fails, it usually dies slowly.  You have warning signs, like read errors, timeouts, etc.  You have a chance to get most of your data off.  SSDs usually die all at once.  There is no recovery, so backups are more critical.


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Re: X270 Thinkpad (20K5) SSD Upgrade

2019-01-13, 19:52 PM

Hai Rich,


thanks for the refreshment and explanation of 3x2 & 3x4 PCIe,

after searching google, finally i understand those questions i asked earlier


so for spinning drive, let's forget about that since i haven't use spinning drive for quite sometimes now.


i ussually use SATA SSD, but since i'm new in NVMe PCIe area, that is one discussion that i need to clarify :D, 


so now the situation is slightly different,

when i bought my x270, i found that the connector for the NVMe PCIe SSD is different from connector for SATA SSD, that's why in the previous email i want to upgrade the NVMe to a bigger NVMe, but since a 1TB NVMe PCIe is too expensive, i tried to search alternative solution, and that is, just to buy connector for SATA SSD, and upgrade from there. 


so i bought myself a SATA SSD connector, and a 1TB SATA SSD (Vgen),

i connected it to my x270 and run Diagnostic Harddisk (F10 from BIOS menu)

all passed successfully


then i tried to clone this from my old NVMe PCIe to the new SATA SSD using acronys, succeeded cloned.


but when i swapped my NVMe to SATA SSD, my X270 looped in BIOS, it won't go in to windows.


so i thought, what if i installed a new OS instead, and i did that using rufus, and made myself a USB boot for the newest Windows 10 RS5 Enterprise  Edition


then booted it, installed it, but same problem. my X270 just won't boot.

1. using acronys, cloned won't boot

2. fresh installed, won't boot 


any idea what i need to checked/unchecked in BIOS? or any idea to what caused this?

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