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Blue Screen Again
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Re: X280 generic freeze?

@pnob18 wrote:

Apparently, disabling Panel Self Refresh (PSR) in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel application fixed the issue.
On Lenovo notebook right click on desktop -> Intel Graphics Control Panel -> Energy management -> Panel Self Refresh -> set to Disabled.
I also set the display to max performance, but I don't think this is relevant.
Once disabled, I've no more experienced any freeze for several days.
I'll keep the notebook under control in the next weeks to confirm (I hope) that this is the right way.

This fix my X280 freezing issues.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: X270 generic freeze?

@niconuma wrote:

Hi all,


I'd like to give my follow up on this problem.


I've sent Lenovo five times for checkup & repair. The first two times they reproduced the issue but thought it was a SSD, SSD cable issue.

Those didn't fix it. So I sent them the third time and ever since they couldn't reproduce it even with nearly two months of checkup. Funny; I can produce the problem within an hour they sent it back!


On the third checkup they couldn't reproduce and asked me whether or not I want an internal swap just in case. I did, still no fix.

After the third repair I've called Lenovo to argue them for an exchange or refund. Not only did they reject both, they accused me of misusing it. I have been a Thinkpad user since the IBM era and I work as an programmer so I know my ways around it. This was quite disappointing. 




On the fifth checkup, they swapped the display, display cable, keyboard (they believe its keyboard/touchpad problem). Still no fix.



Unfortunately I wasn't going to pay Lenovo just for another PC I can't be sure if it's problem-free or not, nor am I willing to give up the load of cash I saved to buy the problematic PC.

I was advised to email Lenovo myself and ask for a refund due to them breaching the contract (responsibility to fulfil the order).



Then finally came the good news. They agreed to give a full replacement OR full refund. I took the refund.

I am going to stay away from Lenovo for a few generations until they regain my trust. Until then, I will be going for a Macbook Pro (partially due to job requirement)


Anyone reading this and still having trouble, take videos of the freeze and attach them along with this thread and go request for a refund.


Good luck to everyone.


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Did not fix the freezing problem for me.

What's DOS?
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Re: X280 generic freeze?

Thank you very much this tip. It has solved my freezing issues as well.

Kudos guys!

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