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Punch Card
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X280 Sound delay

Hi all.

My new X280 has a really annoying issue: whenever theX280 plays a sound after a couple of seconds of haveing no sound played, the sound starts sounding only1-2 seconds after it is playing, which is incredibly annoying

After this first issue, and if keeping sounds playing, there is no dealy whatsoever.

But if stop what is playing, and wait a couple of seconds, issue ocurrs again when I play a new sound.

All drivers are updated, tried to check if it could be any power management option but no luck till now.

Anyone with te same issue?

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Paper Tape
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Re: X280 Sound delay


I have exactly the same issue with my X1 Yoga 3rd. I use Vantage to keep the X1 updated, and its completly up-to-date. Its very annoying.



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