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Punch Card
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X280: how snug is the trackpad?

Hi all!

Just on quick question about the X280: got mine 2 days ago and its construction is ust superb (I come frm a X260).

Regarding the trackpad, when tapping, it is noticeable a very minuscule play that makes it rattle very faintly.

It certainly is not as some rattling touchpad videos I saw o Youtube regarding other ThinkPad models.

It is a very small play, under 1 mm certainly, and it is nitceable on the lowe half of the touchad (which makes sens, as the physical buttons are placed on the lower edge).

How is your experience with your X280 touchpad?


Punch Card
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Re: X280: how snug is the trackpad?

Clickpad on my X280? Don't use it personally. TrackPoint all the way!!!  Smiley LOL


I think your experience is normal...


Think Innovation Minute: Three Button ClickPad

Lenovo Employee Mai_small_cat
Lenovo Employee
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Re: X280: how snug is the trackpad?



Did you press your finger when you tapped? if your finger contact area is widen (small at first touch then bigger when pressing), the cursor may move little due to the contact area increasing.

If none, could you show a video for better understanding the symptom?




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