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Paper Tape
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X280 noisy fan

So I have read other topics regarding other models, but this one is in particular in relation to my new work laptop an X280.

The fan is ridiculously noisy. When I log into my windows account, a simple webpage refresh causes the fan the go overdrive and gets really noisy. Noisier than any other laptop I've had in the last 10 years. Way noisier than my previous X260.


It gets rather distracting. I get that when you are doing something CPU intensive the fans need to kick in, but loading a webpage with 20% CPU usage should not be one of those situations. Even more so when the computers is not that hot anyways.


I have tried setting hte thermal power settings to "balanced" while on AC power in the BIOS but it seems that it had very little effect.

Is this a known issue? Is lenovo going to do anything about it?

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Re: X280 noisy fan

Does this happen on battery or just on AC?  Did you apply the below patch?


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Paper Tape
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Re: X280 noisy fan


Thanks for your reply

I applied the patch and although it sounds like it's less noisy, the fans still ramp up quite noticeably when doing very light work, while on AC power.

Paper Tape
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Re: X280 noisy fan

I can confirm this problem with 3 x x280 notebooks we use in our company.

Everyone is very noisy often. Old ones were great notebooks but the new x280 series is loud. We even reinstalled them completely with a clean image and everything but it doesnt matter what you do it gets loud.


We also returned one and let it repair and also replace, still same error. Sad that there is no solution.

Paper Tape
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Re: X280 noisy fan

OK as aproud owner of a x280 here I  can offer you an easy and quick solution. This is what you do: 

Go to Control Panel then System and Security and then Choose Power Options. 

Once there click on whatever active profile you have selected (which by default should be Balanced, but yours might be different) and press to the right of its name on Change Plan Settings, then choose Advanced  Power Settings. 


Ok once in the advanced settings for your Power profile, you just have to change one number, easy as pie. 

Scroll down untill you see "Processor Power Management" and click on the plus sighn next to it, which should open up the few options you can toggle in that category. 

Here make sure that under Unplugged it should say Passive, under SYSteM COOLING POLICY tab , which will not revv up the fans all that much, and if you want to use the notebook to its max performance then you will have to choose Active (under Plugged in), so that when you are plugged in, only then will the beast stretch its legs. However, most tasks that an office employee uses does not even require that Active toggle, so to make the fans quiet, choose Passive for both OPTIONS. 

Thats one way of quiting the fans, but there is another, if doing above does not help in any way, the third toggle directly below the SYSTEM COOLING POLICY tab there is the MAXIMUM PROCESSOR STATE tab, and by default these should be at %100 percent both. so what you will have to do is lower both to %99, and make sure to save it when you are closing out. VIOLA, i mean ya you are giving up the 1 percent of performance but in reality thats negligible and the fans are loudest at the 100% mark, so you will avoid that. 


Let me know if this helps.


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