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Blue Screen Again
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X300 SSD Swap

Bear with me here, because I know little about the inner workings of the computer, so my question is probably pretty elementary.  Lenovo currently sells a 128 gigabyte SSD, and my X300 has the 64GB, which is getting kind of full, and although I have an external drive, it's getting a bit annoying to continuously have to access it to get files that I need, so I was thinking of buying the 128GB SSD and using it to replace the 64GB SSD currently in my laptop.


Is there anything preventing me from a successful transplant, or will the 128GB SSD fit and work fine?



Blue Screen Again
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Re: X300 SSD Swap

I don't see why there should be anything stopping you from changing it over. Smiley Wink Should fit straight in, all you need to do is install Windows on it. That will be the next difficult task.


But physically, it's very straight forward.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X300 SSD Swap

Yes, you can do it.  Spare yourself reinstalling the OS etc and just image your current drive onto the 128GB drive.


What brand/model is your 64GB drive?  Want to sell it to me? Smiley Wink

Paper Tape
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Re: X300 SSD Swap

Have you completed the swap to the 128 gig hard drive? I am thinking of doing the same thing but Lenova support says they can not recommend it because they have no documentation showing the 128 to be compatible to the X300.

Let me know how you made out.

Serial Port
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Re: X300 SSD Swap

I have a 128gb SSD in my X300. I don't know what the part number is, though. Works fine for me, as far as I can tell... As I bought it used, I don't know how or when it was upgraded or even if it came new with the disk installed. Rgrds Peter
Long time ThinkPad user: 770, 600, T40, X300, now X301 240gb SSD, 8 GB ram. Now playing with Yoga Book 10.1 Android
Paper Tape
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Re: X300 SSD Swap

Thanks. I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens.

Paper Tape
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Re: X300 SSD Swap

Hi there. Please let me know how this worked - I am considering the same swap

Paper Tape
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Re: X300 SSD Swap

I've done this with my girlfriend's X301 -- upgraded from Samsung 64 GB to Intel X18-M 80 GB (Gen 1).


The performance improvement was quite dramatic, even with lots of installed apps (from Office 2007 to Adobe CS3 stuff).


...However, I should add that I did a clean install of Windows 7 and installed only the necessary drivers. Startup programs are minimal.

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